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  2. On my mind currently and soon to be in the box: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  4. Thanks. It's a beautiful piece. Bigwaved does great dials I follow his thread on HF, I never thought I'd be a Panerai guy, but once one sneaks into the watchbox......
  5. Built/ assembled by me. Bronze 47mm case/ movement from Pratt Custom aged/ painted dial from[mention=52944] Bigwaved[/mention] Tourby pencil hands(aged by me) Aged XL vintage strap from antique_leatherstraps Bronze buckle from Monster Straps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. W-A-N -T this SAME thing!! How do I aquire?! [emoji12] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  7. Wow you do not see one of these every day, very interesting piece mate not sure if I could pull it off but certainly different!
  8. I own a gen and a rep and trust me it feel very different with the extra thickness.
  9. Well done mate every time I try to service a watch it ends up either in the bin or with one of our trusted watchsmith like SSteel to sort it out for me, good on ya and it looks great btw
  10. Not my type (45mm) but find the details very nice and interesting. Pretty uncommon rep as well. Here goes the pics of the rep: More detailed pics with a different lighting setting: And if you would like to find out more about the gen: http://www.ablogtowatch.com/roger-dubuis-excalibur-knights-round-table-ii-watch/ Enjoy.
  11. Thanks mate! This one took me 3 years to cave into, tried to buy one in Oz but couldn't get the right deal so I waited and Mrs Sgt was stuck for a Xmas pressie for me and guess what I had just the thing....... if you can find one at the right money buy one they are really really nice on the wrist, you won't regret it! and it looks all the better for it too, nice pick up
  12. So what reps are we buying this month? What's on trend, what pieces are getting our attention and making us drool when we look at em what pieces are we waiting for in the mail this month? Our guys are known for our Rolex but we do buy other stuff too.........let the forum know whats 'in' and what's 'not' in your watch box for this month.... I'll start you off with my latest purchase from Mr Prof a new AP JF V2 15400 with his lovely double AR...... Love it and the fit n finish is bloody good Please leave some details of your piece/s and if you like what made you buy it!
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  14. One of those nites, the torch still glowin... Great luminescence,bro! "There are more than 1 road to Rome...."
  15. I love that Fifty Five Fathoms, nice job! Lovely SKX also. Cheers!
  16. Orient Star - Standard Date (SDV02003W0) and I promptly removed the factory (ugly) bracelet and put it on a Jubilee.
  17. Pam 253 on custom straps (subtle thin blue stitch) with Panerai stamp.
  18. One of those nights.
  19. Hello friends of watches Search 42mm PO Omega Po V5 Case Set for a Franken Project Help Please Pm to me thank you
  20. For Friday, The Top - Gun Miramar.
  21. Good helping out a newb! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Jenny Caribbean 1500. Vintage Dive Goodness
  23. I'm happy with the 15mm depth of the watch if it means I've got a working chrono, I don't think many would notice the 3.5mm depth difference whilst it's on the wrist. Are you able to source a new bezel? I'd prefer to pick one up from someone who can vouch for the alignment.
  24. Dammit! I've been looking at those for years and keep resisting. The discerning eye can find one quite reasonable if you're patient. You're not making it easier on me! Nice piece!
  25. Agree, Certainly would be interesting to "go to the source"!! See what he has and what he says.
  26. Spot on. Point 4, I personally get a bezel around the same price. You wouldn't be able to get a movement gen like (thin enough) with running chrono UNLESS you get a gen movement. Of which your JF case might not fit. So unless you have the time, money and patience to build a franken, you will have a semi gen like daytona without running chrono.
  27. Just thought I'd be nosey and find out what the last watch you bought was.............mine here
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