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  1. This should be fixed now. Please post here or PM me directly if anybody still experience this.
  2. Please try again now. Should work again now
  3. As of today, all members (that means members, VIP, Platinum and Diamond supporters) are able to post watches for sale in our sales threads. You no longer have to upgrade your membership to be able to post a watch for sale. Also, we have created a new forum, Name & Shame, a designated area where you can tell about trades gone bad and warn your fellow members about other members they should stay away from. And as always; buyers beware! Check members feedback, if any and do your due diligence on new members. RWG is NOT responsible for trades/sales between members and we do not get involved in trades/sales! Also, for a limited time, we are running a 50% discount on all membership upgrades, to upgrade your membership now to get rid of all the ads, search engine restrictions, bigger PM inbox, a cool badge next to your name, support the forum, etc. You can find our store here: http://rwg.cc/store Use coupon code D377C at checkout
  4. I realize that a lot of members are no longer into the replica scene, but before they used to be very active members on the forums. So if you by any chance drop by on our "activity day", stop by in this thread and say hi, so that we know you are still alive
  5. ...are now fixed. Had to delete the old post about the issues, as there was an error with that thread Carry on
  6. Dunno if this already has been posted by anybody, but nevertheless a great read with some great pics http://www.watchonista.com/2914/watchonista-blog/news/panerai-manufactory-cutting-edge-technology
  7. The new content area has been changed by the devs of the software, so that's how it will be presented from now on. As far as functions go, I have now tested everything in all major browsers (Edge, IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera) and everything is working just fine for me. If you still have problems, please remove any temporary internet files/browsing data: https://sites.google.com/site/webtech1009/internet/internet-browsers/how-to-delete-temporary-internet-files-cookies-and-browsing-history-of-the-internet-browser Restart your browser and do a "forced refresh" on the page you had problems on by pressing one of the following combiantion of keys/key: Windows: ctrl + F5 Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R Linux: F5
  8. Well, ike I said; I need some time to get all the quirks fixed
  9. Do you get an error message when you try to reply? And like I said; things will look a bit strange until I get everything sorted out. Could also be a good time to clear our old cookies and temp internet files on your computer
  10. Hi all Forum software has been upgraded to a new version today, so the forum might look a bit strange until I manage to chase out all the monkeys in the engine room
  11. The bug that has affected the feedback calculation has been fixed, so all feedback scor should now show up correctly. Also, make sure you change the default feedback from negative to positive when leaving a positive feedback for a fellow member Admin out
  12. Just a short FYI that all Tapatalk-files has been upgraded today and a new version of their API is being used as of now. Hopefully this will solve some of the problems some of the members are experiencing.
  13. The dealer area is back online. Some dealer areas are missing, but will be brought back as soon as dealer fees are paid. If we get any new slots, we will allow some new dealers in here,