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  1. Ceilidh
  2. FS: iPhone 6 - not pristine, shows signs of light use. Impress your friends with the deactivated headphone jack, and 'Breaking Bad' meth effect screen.
  3. Not saying that iphones are fragile, but judging by the evidence, that iphone might have been dropped from as much as two to three inches.
  4. I'm done waiting. When will they rep this. The people need it. Must be 1:1 perfect. Don't want 'called out on it' and the embarrassment. Credor Fugaku Tourbillon (NB teeny weeny chance I'm kidding)
  5. They do look a bit nonplussed at your porridge offerings.
  6. Hahaha.... You've still got it Miss Understood.
  7. Did I miss the 10 years of saving RWG forum party? Did Miss Understood pole dance at it? Did Jetmid show up? Did any TRL's get crossed? Back in early 2006, Facebook wasn't even open to the public to sign up to yet. And as the attached graph shows, we have almost EXACTLY matched the x axis passage of time as Facebook has. Rock on!
  8. To be fair, she looked like this before the face cream...
  9. Nice! Welcome!
  10. WARNING: Wanking can be challenging with this watch.
  11. Arrrr.... And don't forget. In Somerset, every day is talk like a pirate day
  12. Very cool photo.
  13. Think of the pearl as the sphincter of the bezel.