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  1. Today is the first day I'm rocking the StoneP big crown piece on I won in the raffle. This seems like a gateway drug to vintage Rollie parts-watches/frankens. I may need to seek out advice from more experienced folks on how to improve this one.
  2. I think I like them both
  3. I wore my modded OM today:
  4. I went with this cheapy today for work - I rather like the stealthy look.
  5. I've worn this guy for the past couple of days:
  6. Congrats, I think it's odd that of all the people whose logins I was glitched into it was Kenrow's
  7. More shiny goods.
  8. Thank you, though I suppose you mean beautiful ladies (unless you mean one in particular).
  9. Most of my recent work has involved sparkly and shiny things, so I thought I'd share some of the favorite shots.
  10. Modified Seiko
  11. Earlier this month I dropped my latest full-length album - it took over a year to write, record and produce while I was in graduate school, looking for a job and training for a couple of marathons. It's easily my favorite album to date, you can stream it or download it (pay what you'd like) here: https://dbartko.bandcamp.com/album/normality I've also got some shooting done.