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  1. I recommend Pirate straps highly... I have a few of these and they're top class and quality! http://rwg.cc/profile/75520-piratesstraps/
  2. Yes, it's expensive! I wonder if they manufactured the movement with more quality also, not just the typical rep movement quality with very loose tolerances and missing gear teeth. The devil's in the details!!
  3. yes, and it's great news!!!
  4. mmmm... milk
  5. That's my first (gen) Panerai PAM 91 with custom polishing... I DO regret selling this beautiful watch, luckily, it's still with a good friend Here's before polishing: It has since been restored the the original finishing...
  6. I can't see your photos, but I hear ya! Here are a few of mine I regret selling:
  7. Yes, it IS pretty simple to do the conversion, even in our heads... but I believe it is both lazy and arrogant to not price in USD, where this and other watch fora are *mainly* priced in USD ALL the other dealers except this one (who (TF) is watchstation anyway?) prices in USD to ACCOMMODATE their customers... this one believes he is above that... hence my rant Maybe I'm just being precious, but I find it very annoying :-S
  8. It's easy enough to find the exact exchange rate over on xe.com or the myriad of other exchange rate sites... It's just annoying and difficult to understand to see only one dealer (watchstation) quoting in CNY, when the rest of the world quotes in USD We all pretty much know how much everything costs in our currency when priced in USD (I'm in AUD), and that's what should be used... unless, of course, CNY becomes the standard international currency.
  9. buffet
  10. yes to both... currency is currency... but I believe prices should be listed in US$, or at worst Euro (and I live in the Land Down Under)
  11. Why on earth would a 'collector' denote his currencies in CN¥, where everyone is selling or purchasing in EU or USD, with an occasional GBP thrown in?? Sorry for the rant, but it's REALLY aggravating having to convert currencies, and I can't imagine that it would be good for business... I can't imagine how this practice benefits anyone on either side. CN¥ is NOT an universal currency, and I don't believe it should used for pricing info by dealers. I may be being petty, but does anyone have thoughts on this?