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  1. & therein lies the missing link in today's maternalized, indiscriminate PC society.
  2. I remember $23/gal gas, you got a set of glasses with a fill-up & the uniformed station attendant pumped the gas & washed your windows to boot. Your tv, while small, was completely free of the whizzing, whirring & flashing adverts that soil our screens today. A trip to the movies included 3 features, $0.10 candy, no ads & you had the option of staying in your seat & seeing it all again. High schoolers routinely carried rifles to school (the kid across the street carried his openly over his shoulder), there was no such thing as 'mass shootings' or the need for 'gun free zones' & most people safely slept with their front doors unlocked. Oh & nice C+I by the way.
  3. Wearing a bit of Mystery today
  4. Nice 1st post, but I have to say that I am doubtful (to the point of complete disbelief) of any connection to or with Rolex SA. Do you have any provenance (Rolex book reference, original Rolex paperwork, reliable online reference, etc) that supports your premise?
  5. Ditto all of the above.
  6. robertk - Nicely done!
  7. Unfortunately, while Phong does deal in some genuine parts, I do not believe he has a Rolex parts account, so I would assume any parts you receive from him are non-genuine until/unless proven otherwise. Here is a pic of a 1 of my older gen 700 crowns (originally purchased via Rolex service network) to add to the others for reference
  8. This may be helpful.
  9. Ditto & the seller's provenance is the only real key to authenticity with small, unbranded parts like this.
  10. Looks like a brand new rep, but I can appreciate the work that went into it.
  11. It is not a 1-to-1 analog, but if the movement fits.............
  12. Perhaps, it is time for a new phone.
  13. The watch is called a DateJust (see dial). If yours says Date Adjust, then it is horribly broken.