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  1. Here's the first time I put a Michael Young T127 on the Nastymariner Here's the second time I replaced it... they apparently live short, dramatic lives.
  2. Make sure it's "RWG.cc" as there are several imposters out there...
  3. Welcome aboard, it's good to have you here. As for your last question, "normal use" takes on many forms. Some will wear a watch twice/month and keep it meticulously clean; others will wear it while working on the car and rock climbing. Your mileage may vary. I built a few really nice reps over the last 10 years and each one works perfectly every time, and I'm far from gentle with them. But I don't abuse them either. I bet if you get a nice quality piece and keep the movement on a maintenance schedule (5 years-ish) it will outlast your affection for it. Also: I'm sorry to say it but the search function here stinks. Google is much easier. Good luck!
  4. I have lots of experience with 1680 crystals, gen and aftermarket. The last couple I bought were MIchael Young and they were VERY nice. Fit my gen perfectly and glittered like God's own bling. I'd avoid the really inexpensive ones, they look "dead" in comparison, like a piece of plastic. Gen and MY have tons of colorful internal light refraction so they look "alive".
  5. I approached this a little different. But my solution is the expen$ive way to do it!
  6. Going commando today. [emoji79] [emoji85]
  7. You can also going off that little bump that makes the date detent, but it makes the action feel weird when you pull the stem.
  8. You always knew when your in-box sounded funny before you clicked on it. Hysterical-like, and everything was in CAPS and spelled wrong. One of his $138 Sea Dwellers was the piece I chucked out into the ocean on that day cruise with my brother. CARZY!
  9. What a blast from the past... Hack-R are you seeing this? And he showed up again same time as you?? Carzy!
  10. Your Dudeness! Welcome back! Wow what a treat to have you walking these halls again.
  11. Anyone want to take on this project? I started at archive.org and looked for snapshots of the original page circa Feb 2010 when it was created. That produced a list of snapshots, none of which have the pictures embedded. But they did provide additional text. I googled that text and it led to several sites. The one in Italy seems most promising. If anyone wants to retrieve the pictures that seem to go with these lists, send them to me and I'll put them back in.
  12. Sad to say Ziggy retired several years ago. That was a big loss, his skill is legendary.
  13. Screw the bevels, any piece that old will not have sharp bevels, especially out at the ends of the pieces that get the most buffing from shirt sleeves. Look instead at the lugs and the gap where the end links fit. Those are darn sharp edges there. Think about 40 years of wiping it on your pants or shirt sleeve... those would be a little rounded over. Same goes with any sharp edges anywhere. Great piece!
  14. Five (think Brubeck)
  15. Here's an old story from awhile back... repeated just for fun. This happened on one of those harbor tours out of Seward, Alaska. This is what reps are for! I was with my brother on one of those glacier cruises where the boat takes you right up to the face of a glacier and toots the horn so the thing calves off big chunks of ice and scares the hell out of the tourists. I was wearing a newer model Sea Dweller from Andrew, and we were all up on top of the boat, there were lots of tourists milling around in gore-tex and down parkas. I had already noticed a few times that the watch would leak and fog up, and I hate that. So I nudged me baby brudder and whispered "watch this". I held my arm up to ostentatiously check the time, and Rolex Stainless Steel glistened and glittered in the sun like God's Own Bling. I then sucked in my breath in alarm and said "IT STOPPED! Look, this thing stopped again!" and showed it to my brother. He clucked his tongue, shook his head, and said something about "as expensive as that thing was, you'd think it would work!" and I agreed loudly. A couple of heads turned toward us. So I shook my wrist a few times, and held it up to my ear. Shaking my head in disgust, I took it off and waved my hand around wildly to "wind it" and got lots more people glancing at me nervously. Then I unscrewed the crown and wound it up madly with exaggerated motions, elbows flying, and listened again. "It's STILL dead!!!" I said to him, and I could see him suppressing a laugh. More people looked, so I tapped it a couple times on the railing, and held it to my ear again. DING DING DINGGGG!! He was dying by now, trying not to laugh. When I tapped the railing the metal pipe sort of rang a little, and more people looked. I listened to the watch again and said "This bloody piece of @#!*$%" and hit it harder on the railing. He was biting his lip and people were starting to stare. I held it up to my ear again and said loudly "YOU MISERABLE LOUSY CHEAP ROLEX!!!" and I turned and bashed it really really hard on the railing 5 or 6 times, WHANG WHANG WHANG WHANG!!! and the pipe was ringing and people were stepping back. Everyone was staring, and I held it up to my ear for a moment, the pipe was still ringing, and I shouted "YOU LOUSY PIECE OF SWISS CRAP!!!!" and I drew my arm back, big pause for effect, and threw that watch as far as I could out into the ocean. It made a really nice high arc, glittering in the sun, and landed with a nice big splash. My brother was nearly wetting himself, tears were rolling down his cheeks, and I stormed down the steps to the lower deck as people parted and let me through, their mouths gaping in astonishment. It was glorious.