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  1. Pre comex 5514
  2. Looks pointy and promising! Pardon the ignorant comment, but what would be best option for other parts for this watch (bezel, insert, hands etc)? Really like the proto 216 dial, might just pull me into another project...
  3. Wow, it looks absolutely stunning, completely missed this. When was it released?
  4. What watch or watches are you interested in? Are you thinking about buying them completed or buying parts? In general I'd dare to say that his vintage Rolex cases from 50-70s are the best. For dials and inserts etc quality can vary, however it can of course be a simple solution for yourself to buy a complete watch with movement if you don't to use all your free time sourcing parts.... However, always inspect pictures to make sure quality is good on the specific thing you buy. Also don't think Phong is a professional watchmaker, so a service of your movement might be needed.
  5. Note the ".bz" in that link mate, although RWI folks of course very welcome here at this RWG too
  6. Not every day you get to see a Jimmy Fu case! Looks great, really like the leather too, compliments the watch perfectly.
  7. There you have it mate! Beautiful.
  8. http://www.snopes.com/1998-trump-people-quote/
  9. Good observation - same holds for the vintage Egiziano