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  1. Well you are not getting a Telda (none for sale) or the Gervil (over 2k not going there IMHO ) , if your going that high better gen options.
  2. I went a hunting info on this watch , could not find any. Ok guys refined search found a few: https://www.google.com/search?q=telda+chronograph&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjux7X-7MXRAhUGQSYKHXcwBbQQsAQIGw&biw=1536&bih=755#tbm=isch&q=telda+paul+newman&imgrc=kSfyPSIOmIPYlM%3A
  3. OH thought you were talking gen on the rep you are not getting the new state of the art quartz. If you really want to go in deep on this use pics of movements then go look at pics of ETA and Ronda quartz movements to see which ones there are (not going to be easy), but no guarantee your going to get the exact ones in the pics anyway. PS save the $100 you can always replace quartz movement for 20 bucks.
  4. All quartz are not created equal now the ETA Precidrive is very good quartz and worth the extra coin IMHO, what's in the watch? http://www.eta.ch/index.php?id=301&L=2
  5. Good work helping each other out here gents.
  6. Scammed a fellow member: every opportunity was given to fix as he was a long time member w/ a good reputation.

  7. Raffle due up within a week I will PM you w/ a link when I put it up.
  8. Nicely done !
  9. To get back to OP's topic my self, I have had many many pass my door and no problems to speak of. I do however stay away from chrono models so that helps so my three hands just chug along. Now this may be due to my practice of wearing gens to work although no serious pounding going on there anyway and my major activity is kayaking and again due to water hazard I wear gen, no sense taking chances. (sort of beached due to frozen lake in my backyard!)
  10. The thought of mountain biking scares me, no watch needed!
  11. Big watch mate I do not go there on my 8.5 inch wrist, but to each his own................ Welcome back!
  12. Jedi going gold ......................
  13. Contact Nanuq he should be able to fix.
  14. Welcome and yes you stopped by at a great time some of our long time guys selling some stellar pieces.
  15. Yes a bit aggravating but 700 CNY a 100 bucks U.S. so pretty easy to do in my head. I hate to be a pompous American but the USD is the world's reserve currency best we all price in dollars.