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  1. I was so scared of my ex Marine (combat Korea) Dad I dared not and you know I can not remember him ever laying a glove on except once. At 15-16 got caught drinking beer behind a factory with a few guys the night watchmen wanted us hauled in (we were), cops just take your beer and let you go as a rule back then but he pushed it. Well off to the pokey we went no charges just called our parents: well they brought me out Mom and Dad there, right in front of police desk he levels me. Sgt turns to other cop who brought me in "will not see him again".......(how do think cops would react now).............. and they did not. By the way when Dad cooled off in a few days told me " I didn't hit you for drinking beer you can drink beer at home you got caught by the cops and hauled in for it, never embarrass the family again like that." Now we have safe spaces,councilors and fucking ponies because Trump got elected, hopefully we are not lost.
  2. Guys I just copy and pasted a bunch no problem , from the net , here, no problem. On a PC not a phone no tappatalk.
  3. Oh just to tease Nanuq another one, he loves this set up: Well guys I have been doing some wheeling and dealing and this Black Seal out got us a Firenza 604,but not to worry we have yet another Black seal about to replace it! (the amount of watches at the MOAB house is scary thanks to the generosity of our members)
  4. No legend same wrong address scam pulled on you but like you used CC as I remember so should be covered.
  5. Guys was going to put this up tonight but stuck working was supposed to be off, will be at it next few days. So get some $ put aside for our next awesome raffle! We will have 2 Pams , 2 Rolex , 2 gens, a Breitling SOH, Carerra chrono and an Omega, how is that for 50 bucks! Let's look at two of our stars; First one of our gens a Glycine Combat Golden Eye. At 42 x 10 sweet size. ETA 2824-2, 200 meters , sapphire inside AR. Look it up: 3863.399C6- Next a beauty from member interaktiv.......... Case: Cartel - Modified to accept Gen dials. Crown and Tube: Athaya 700. Bezel Insert: Cartel faded (pearl vintage re-lumed). Movement: ETA 2789-1 low beat (NOS, revised und regulated). Dial: High Quality refinished Dial on GEN plates. DWO: Open 6 and 9. Hands: Clark, relumed and reworked. Plexi: 25-127 "Clark". Spring bars: Aftermarket 2mm. Bracelet: Yuki Rolex Submariner 20mm Solid. More:
  6. Well I be trying to get a raffle up later with tons of pics................... we shall see.
  7. TZ=Time Zone
  8. For Pete's sake guys cut the crap!
  9. Hmmm can't remember but then again I do not tell the wife about any watches.................................
  10. Interesting piece to say the least.
  11. Well you are not getting a Telda (none for sale) or the Gervil (over 2k not going there IMHO ) , if your going that high better gen options.
  12. I went a hunting info on this watch , could not find any. Ok guys refined search found a few: https://www.google.com/search?q=telda+chronograph&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjux7X-7MXRAhUGQSYKHXcwBbQQsAQIGw&biw=1536&bih=755#tbm=isch&q=telda+paul+newman&imgrc=kSfyPSIOmIPYlM%3A
  13. OH thought you were talking gen on the rep you are not getting the new state of the art quartz. If you really want to go in deep on this use pics of movements then go look at pics of ETA and Ronda quartz movements to see which ones there are (not going to be easy), but no guarantee your going to get the exact ones in the pics anyway. PS save the $100 you can always replace quartz movement for 20 bucks.
  14. All quartz are not created equal now the ETA Precidrive is very good quartz and worth the extra coin IMHO, what's in the watch? http://www.eta.ch/index.php?id=301&L=2
  15. Good work helping each other out here gents.