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  1. I thought the case on the V1 was already titanium. No? any way I sent mine back to Watchfinder as the crown wouldn't screw down anymore. He will be sending me the updated version after CNY
  2. Happy birthday! Big 5-0!
  3. SD
  4. Gen SD today.
  5. Sea-Dweller today
  6. It's actually an Arsenal milled receiver SAM7R. Made in USA With ironwood designs custom furniture and a Bakelite mag
  7. Rainy and cold here today
  8. I've used him the past. Let me see if I can find his contact info. Everything ok? Have you tried contacting him on repgeek?
  9. Happy thanksgiving
  10. This is Repfreak83, there seems to ba an error in the system here but I seem to be in tframo's account so anyone looking to contact him just be patient I am getting with the mods now to fix this ASAP

  11. Great pick up!
  12. Thanks. Might go with this from gunny