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  1. Thanks bro!
  2. Modded AP Diver again
  3. Welcome to RWG! Impressive, 100 watches in your collection. Hope to see some pictures of them soon
  4. Great watches bro. Starting to like them more and more
  5. Safari for today
  6. She's done! JF V7 ProfSteve AR ETA DW Sunken Screws Picture review topic soon
  7. Hi guys, Some pictures of my Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Michael Schumacher titanium. Mods: - ProfSteve AR - Serviced - Chrono hamer replaced Like some of you perhaps know, I'm a big Formula 1 fan. In this watch you'll see some aspects coming back - The starting flag at the edge of the dial - Between the 12 and 11 you'll see stars, these stand for Michael his championship - The first two blue stars are for his world championship titles with Benetton - The next 5 red stars are standing for his world championship titles with Ferrari - The screws on the bezel are just like wheel nuts - The pushers and the lugs are gas pedals - The colour of the crown is in Ferrari red
  8. It's pity we have to ask for donations to run the forums. But come on guys, help RWG!
  9. Thanks bro!
  10. Looks very good bro! Enjoy this beauty
  11. Start with an AP Diver or AP Royal Oak These are very reliable and are in your budget.
  12. Datejust is always good for a women