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  1. The Chinese never cease to amaze me with what they are capable of when it comes to movements, I just with they would improve components in their current range of modified movements to make them more reliable. I wonder if the Chinese will attempt to replicate the chime/alarm movements in time? That would be an micro mechanic marvel.
  2. Welcome to there forums, who is this Getat? Are they a trusted dealer on here, or elsewhere?
  3. Surprised you asked, but here's a few flaws, crown guards are incorrect, those look like a ceramic submariner crown guards. The dial is awful, the minute markers are way too long, the date font is incorrect, the clasp is incorrect, indice and hands appear to be maxi and not LN type. Lots more, including overly visible etched coronet of the crystal.
  4. Drop me a pm, and we'll take it from there
  5. You mean this one.. Untitled by Micky Aldridge, on Flickr Still got mine.
  6. Looks to be a low end rep, and has many flaws.
  7. Appears to be a few different models of Telda too.
  8. I was about to ask the same, with such a watch, surely there's some paperwork to back up these claims?
  9. You already have his email Terry, remember, I added Matej to our email communications ages ago, but you failed to follow up when Matej contacted you, and me about your lume requirements.
  10. Congrats my friend, starting out on a 6497/8 is the way to go, very forgiving movements to work with, and ideal for any beginner. Looks great
  11. Newest model TC bracelet BRAND NEW
  12. I'm a member on there, for those having problems, please pm me your username and email there, and I will see what i can do in getting your accounts up and running with the admin there.
  13. Cheap Canal Street fake