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  1. Dig the watch and that vintage Marantz!
  2. Good eyes. Indeed just received earlier this week.
  3. @dbane883, that is a beautiful watch my good friend. Very rare to see these days. Congratulations on finding such a great example.
  4. Happy New Year Brothers [emoji146][emoji322][emoji898][emoji324][emoji312][emoji323][emoji300]️
  5. Pre game cigar. Go Huskies [emoji458]
  6. Vintage action today [emoji323]
  7. Wow

    Crafty but still a thief thats actions raises prices for everyone else. As usual greed takes over. It seems in many of these more clever schemes the perpetrator just can't stop and keeps going until they get caught.
  8. I don't spend as much time here as I have been playing with gens lately, but this forum has provided with with so much knowledge, enjoyment and friendships over the years I still contribute to it and will continue to do so. When I was a total noob on vintage watches this forum helped me more than any other place on the net in regards to vintage Rolex. Many, many experts here who have taken time to help me along the way. Always be grateful to this place and the members here. Anyone that spends time here regularly should contribute.
  9. Awesome [emoji106]. Huge congrats on a tough to get model. I prefer the white dial with metal bezel but prefer the black with ceramic. Great choice [emoji322]