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  1. Nice gadget
  2. Haha that there is the best Line i heard in 2017 yet
  3. Ken what is your website having a hardtime finding it the one from your Christmas topic doesnt work for me
  4. Must be one hell of a accountant my friend
  5. Looks great top job
  6. If only noob made that
  7. I love This thing
  8. B could you tell me specs of this
  9. [censored] guys just read all of This my old firm i sold sometime ago use solidworks and er have our own CNC' machines i could probabaly turn in a favor and have a prototype made if we Would have some who could make The last finish just to try out The cnc idea ??
  10. Go for a Sean case worth it i own a superfranken LV with This case and a tc wont cut it The same as a good Sean just be careful not to jump on a so Called modified ( destroyed ) Sean case most of Them are complete ruined because of so Called modders Sean cases Stock from a good batch looks perfect for a serviced case beveled edges only comes on a case after a polish so a great Sean is The Way to go
  11. Do show your lovely Explorer max
  12. Yet another ? Wow tc's standard dropping alot lately truly shows tc dont assemble The watches