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Bart Cordell

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    I REALLY like it here!
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    Music addict, vinyl collector, vintage Hifi, newly vintage Rolex rep fan.

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  1. [emoji632]
  2. I think your pic is one one the best I've seen in the forum. Congrats for your sense of balance and perspective, when it came to represent Rolex essence. That is, pure beauty.


    Kepp those pics coming Bart  !!!

  3. [emoji632]
  4. This [emoji1305] [emoji632]
  5. Mmmhhh tempted. Let me try to make this damned 7750 run before
  6. Superb ! I have the same dial but incorrect 6263 case. [emoji632]
  7. Never find 1.25 in France. I use 1.3. The difference can't be seen [emoji632]
  8. 1.2mm is too straight for the 1.2mm bars pivot. That why 1.25mm holes are necessary. [emoji632]
  9. Clear and concise [emoji1303]I thought lugholes are 1.25mm [emoji632]
  10. [emoji632]
  11. [emoji632]
  12. @slay Don't worry, I know we are all very busy. I saw your dial in your last 6538 sale thread. What do you think of the template ? Yes just read that gold plating is very toxic. I don't project to do it myself [emoji632]
  13. @Sogeha A gold plating would be the best option. I need to find a jeweler who accept to make that for me. [emoji632]
  14. @Sogeha Thank you mate ! I hope to make a better one soon. Found a new gold support and a new template is in preparation [emoji632]