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  1. Thank you but I missed it. Appreciate the heads up, as I would have bought it. Guess I'll find out what TC stands for and who to contact to buy direct.
  2. Is it possible to order just the bracelet?
  3. Why not? If they are the best replica 93150 bracelets, why is someone not using that same maker or tooling again? I don't get this.
  4. I noticed that good tool watches can take a beating. In fact, I got so used to wearing a sapphire crystal marathon watch or even my gen seamaster that I found out the hard way that stray welding splatters were the only enemy.
  5. Wow, that guy has a lot of free time to design and print all those pieces. Cool project. I love 3d printing but have to send my files to someone. I design jewelry as a hobby and can't believe how good the technology is getting. I just had a conch pendant I designed 3d printed with a solidscape max2 in wax and my jaw dropped open on how smooth and precise it was.
  6. Yikes, the idea of buying a 20,000 pound item from an individual instead of a reputable and licensed business scares the crap out of me.
  7. Unfortunately, the only way to properly get a bezel assembly to fit correctly on the new cartels is to buy an entire bezel assembly. You need a new retainer ring, the bezel, and maybe a better tension ring and then I got a new insert for 1 to 1 pearl.
  8. After inspecting my cartel 93150 tonight ( I haven't worn it yet), I can see why you guys say it's not much good. At first, I thought you guys say replace the clasp because the coronet is not good....Now I think it's because the clasp does not close well. I noticed my clasp is a bit sloppy and loose. Kind of like the cartel bezel assembly. I know this is beating a dead horse, but is there really no high quality replica bracelet being made today? You would think in some back alley shop in Italy or Switzerland someone is making high quality signed bracelets. Thank you. I noticed there are two different connectors so maybe it's the other one they sell? If you go to their Rolex clasps page, you'll see two kinds of connector pieces .
  9. Star time sells connector pieces that might help. I may try it and report.
  10. Ah, the old movement problem....I feel for you. I am having my entire project waiting for 2846 ETA's to come back in stock so I know how you feel. Good luck and think someone knowledgeable will help.
  11. Automatico, can you please elaborate how you changed the midlinks that connect to the springbars ? In other words, if someone starts out with just the cartel 93150 bracelet, they purchase new endlinks from WSO, but where can we find the connecting link you also change out? I think I found some "connecting pieces" online so that may solve the problem. Cheers. Thank you.
  12. It's strange that the neck size of the cartel case is so near gen. But their bezel is so off and loose that they have to glue the insert. My guess is that they make the midcase but purchase the bezel from someone? Or....... It's faster and easier to fit the bezel parts if they are too big. At any rate, you have to spend 80 bucks to replace the bezel but it's worth it.
  13. Thank you for checking, Nanuq. Appreciate this site very much.
  14. We should have told the OP by now.... Check out the Cartel build by JackFlash on the forum. He describes all the tools he used. Even the tool used to countersink the Athaya crown.