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  2. Personally, I wouldn't but one. But many people do and seem to be happy with them. There is a lot of information to read up on regarding the seconds @ 12 AP's. The most recent information is the most relevant
  3. Thanks a lot! Is it a good thing if it's a [email protected]? Skickat från min ONEPLUS A3003 via Tapatalk
  4. Welcome Yes that is a secs @ 12 movement. Hours @ 6 30 minute counter @ 9
  5. Hey guys and girls. New to the rep game but very interested in learning more. Does anyone know how to tell if= http://watchoutlet01.com/watches/http-pure-time-com-product-royal-oak-offshore-44mm-forged-carbon-jf-11-best-edition-a3126.html Is a [email protected] movement? Best regards, SBM
  6. Have you looked here? https://rwg.cc/forum/230-watches-clothing-parts-accessories/
  7. Yes, these are good reps. I have a bond 50 rep and it's very well made. All TD's can get these. Look at each TD and choose one that you feel comfortable with.
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  10. I think this build is gonna go in the direction of a Milgauss 1019 WSO just got back to me about his smooth bezel for the 39 mm explorer. The cartel 1655 bezel if is 31.1 and THE WSO bezel is 30.6 Id. So a bit of sanding drum work and I should manage to get it to fit. Anyone have experience with a 39 mm explorer 1. It probably has a flat glass and I need a domed acrylic for the 1019 so will this not work out?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. And so it begins.....my first build. I started off with a cartel 1655. The movement bit the dust on me so I figured this is my chance to try my hand at modding. This tread will be the timeline . What am I building? good question. I so very badly have two watches that I want to build. A GMT Master 6542 and a Milgauss 1019. Both of which are NLA from the TD's so if you want one you gotta build it yourself. and from what I have read, neither are very good examples of the models so alot of modding would be needed to make either of them half decent . Pics for Reference..cause everyone loves pics of watches....if you dont, what the hell ya doing here?? lol After a few convos with @JoeyB I picked his brain and he was very kind to share his knowledge and experience in the 6542 build. Finding a reasonable priced Dial atm is difficult so this is why I am leaning towards the 1019 currently. the challange with the 1019 build is finding a smooth bezel to fit the cartel case. Either Way the case needs some work so I started on that and if I dont completely mess it up, I will then decide and order parts.... So I am stripped down the 1655 to bear bones. Drilled out the lugs. Broke a bit...but managed to get it out, save the case and get the rest of the lugs done. Not too bad...sorry no pics. Tonight I started on the lugs. Getting the crown tube out was a bit of a challenge as it was locktite into the case so it took some force but managed to get it out and managed not to destroy it. Next we're the lugs. A steady hand and a Dremel with first a grinding stone and then sanding drum to clean up the marks left by the stone. Looking at the pics and comparing them to the gens. I still have a bit more to go to make the case smooth for the crown. It's been a long day and I was getting hungry so I called it. Feedback , suggestions and comments welcome. I'm here to learn Thanks for looking. [emoji482] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Chaser Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  13. Hi, I happen to make jewelry as a hobby so I used my buffing wheel . But you could also do it with any buffing pad and use cheap polishing compound from hardware store. Just pick a fine compound, not a rough cutting compound. They make compounds for stainless steel. You could try using a Dremel, with small buffing wheel, and add the compound. But a large wheel is easier .
  14. He needed and approval and I gave it, I agree, sometimes it's hard to see when the thread got posted. I just wanted to remind everyone that resurrecting old long dead sales threads serves no real purpose and just eats up bandwidth. Having said that, I see nothing wrong with sending a seller a PM to check if the item has sold. Not from a 7 year old thread but maybe one thats a few months old. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. I agree with Legend. If you are interested in buying a watch, PM The seller and discuss the movement. If you aren't satisfied with his explanation, then walk away. We are not going to put up with you questioning the authenticity of every stated ETA movement irregardless of whether or not you are buying. I can assure you of something else, if you were trolling over on RWI like you are doing here, you would have been banned, no time out, no suspension, just BAM!! Banbed.
  16. I have warned you before with you going around questioning every sales thread regarding the movement in each of the watches. You have no intention to buy any of the watches so I would like to know why you are obsessed with this topic. Your posts are all moderated because you have chosen to ignore the mods PMs to cease your annoying questions. I am here to tell you that if you persist in your annoying and obsessive behavior you will be suspended for a month. A subsequent violation would result in a permanent ban. I don't like your attitude. I'm hereby imposing a gag on you till send me a pm assuring reasonable behavior from you. You need only to be interested in the movement of the watch that you are buying. Not every watch on sale. Understand? I tread softly along the fine line separating raving insanity and lucid moments of ingenuity. The issue is I've no idea which is which mostly.
  17. Can someone answer a question for me. I'm seeing quite a few replica watches being advertised claiming they've got ETA movements inside. On RWI I believe it's necessary to have photos of an open case back showing evidence of the authentic ETA actually being inside the watch unless the seller mentions "stated only". Does that not hold true on RWG and buyer must beware?
  18. History repeats itself (unless we remain vigilant and not ignorant of history's fine lessons). Remember when these greedy jerks bullied all the small family-owned cottage watch companies back in the 1970s? Sell us your company for dirt cheap or get erased off the face of this planet by Quartz movements? LVMH, ETA/Swatch, Etc... By the way, look at who owns Nivarox now! Anyone else think that hairsprings are important to our hobby?!? Yikes! PS. Hublot owners aren't real watch folks lol! Hublot's modus operandi is a perfect match for Swatch/ETA, like-minded bullies ready to stamp out the small upstart fish
  19. I'm bumping this thread for no better reason than that I really like what @nanuq wrote here.
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  21. Thank you A, I saw the post and sent a PM, I think it can be a problem on a 'phone, that one doesn't always see post dates and other details.
  22. I would expect that this primarily relates to new members. When you do a search in the sales threads, sometimes your search will bring up a very, very old thread, one that has been dead for years. I got a PM to approve a post a little while ago. A new member was asking about photos of a strap for sale. When I went to the thread, I saw that it was started in 2009!! Now what are the chances that a 7 year old strap thread is going to get you a strap? So guys please look at the date the thread was posted before you start asking questions about the items for sale. This does not apply to any of our "Knowledge" threads, brand threads, general discussion, etc. often it's sort of neat to bring and old thread back from the dead. Newer members read it, folks add new comments and everyone gains. Sales threads, however, are like a smelly corpse. Better to let them rest undisturbed, far away!!
  23. Like the others above said, don't panic. These sorts of problems always seem to work out. Shipping is really notoriously unpredictable. You can have two packages leave the same place both going to the same postal code, one takes a couple of weeks, the other takes a month!! A couple of years ago, I had a box of Cigars I bought from a dealer In Australia take 6 months to get to me. They got to the USA, and then for some inexplicable reason they were routed back to Australia!! Got to the origin PO there, but not to the seller, someone there at the PO sent them back to the USA. All told around six months. Suffice to say the cigars were not very good when I finally got them.
  24. When the greedy pricks at Swatch started all this years ago, they thought that they were going to hammer all the small manufacturers that compete with the low to mid range Swatch brands into the dirt. "Cut off their movements, cut off their heads"!! I along with a zillion other watch fanatics predicted the same thing that's happening. Business abhors a vacuum. Create a vacuum, and very soon someone will come in to fill the space. Well, guess what, they did. Sellita, Soprod Seagull and Seiko/Citizen have moved right into the space created by Swatch. While some of these movement may be as expensive as ETA, what is more important to a watch manufacturer is a steady dependable supply of movements. No one wants to go through all the expensive steps of designing and manufacturing a new model, only to find that the movements you planned on using are not available. AFA I'm concerned, It would be fine if they have to eat a warehouse full of movements!!
  25. Lucky pick up[emoji106]
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