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  1. If anyone is interested in these watches hit me up. Birdman
  2. Wow, just did a drive by, haven't been here forever. Still selling watch and jewelry tools. Don't look down on me as I have been rocking an Iwatch. Still have some reps. Birdman
  3. Happy Birthday Birdman!

  4. Turning ashes into a diamond is a scam. The type of Carbon in your ashes cannot be made into diamonds.
  5. Happy Birthday Birdman!

  6. Hamilton. Great name at a great price
  7. Happy Birthday Birdman!

  8. My issue is the spelling. True I am a lousy speller myself. I but an replica. Dude read the threat. etc. Ken live in Australia and sells replica goods.
  9. That is a sonic cleaner, not an ultrasonic. Just like calling an open escapement watch a Tourby. I can sell you an ultrasonic for $40 including shipping in the US Birdman
  10. Birdman


    I am on a network of Jewelers and Pawnshops and these guys have been trying to sell there service. As far as I know no one has taken them up on it. I will be doing a seminar next spring for the network on identifying non Rolex reps for free. Most Pawnshop owners can tell a Rolex, but not any of the other super reps. Birdman
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