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  1. 16610 JF sub pics

    Looks wonky to me.

    Thank you sir.
  3. Hey guys, any idea where I can get a reproduction radiation safe case back sticker? Hopefully without paying £120 for a fake ebay gen? Thank you.
  4. Rolex Wristies thread

    Yes mate it’s on a Yuki oyster at the moment and it’s pretty good I have to say.
  5. Rolex Wristies thread

    Thanks to @sputim absolutely love my 6239.
  6. Who has the best 7206 rep bracelet?

  7. Can Reps take a beating

    If your patient you can get a head only for even less then just add a rep jubilee bracelet or whatever you fancy.
  8. Can Reps take a beating

    Get a nice vintage DJ, you can always swap the dial out, plenty of gen dj dials about, obviously I’m not anti rep but it’s not worth putting that much into a franken when a gen is in reach.
  9. Can Reps take a beating

    Save a little more and you can buy a gen DJ for that money.
  10. Franken 6263 6265

    Probably you are resticted from pm as a new member. Try and contact a moderator for help. I don’t know sorry.
  11. Franken 6263 6265

    @rolojack who’s a member here can help you.
  12. Franken 6263 6265

    Depends on your budget. Your looking at $1000.00 minimum for a cartel st19 based watch up to $6000.00 plus for a Vietnam V72 Daytona. There are a lot of variables to take into account.
  13. Doubt about 1665 bevel / chamfers

    No nail files files are no good!
  14. https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/gilt-dial-rolex-submariner-reference-5512-ten-dollars-found Stranger things happen I suppose but I’m having a hard time believing this. Very lucky!
  15. Cartel Daytona 19mm Bracelet Options

    Thanks, I’ll probably wear it a strap for a while and save for a gen, maybe having a bid seems to be the way to go as buy now prices are a bit silly as usual.