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  1. Just click this and upload directly to the forum.
  2. 1982 Rolex 6263 "big red"

    I’m interested if this comes up for sale, beautiful.
  3. ROC Daytona 6263 from Mumbai - thoughts?

    What's the seller please? Dial looks okay but a little strange without the sub dial rings.
  4. Phong Daytona Dials (picture request)

    That does look very nice.
  5. I've been looking at the Daytona dials on phongs website, but it would be helpful if anyone that has one could post some pictures so I can get better feel for the quality please. I'm not implying the dials are in any way poor, just that the pictures on the website aren't great. I understand he'll send QC pictures of items you may want to buy but I don't want to bother the man until I'm ready to spend. Pictures of Newman and 'big red' dials much appreciated all I can find with a search are DW dials. Cheers!
  6. Looks okay, I won't call myself a Heuer expert though, ask these guys http://chronocentric.com/forums/heuer/
  7. Bonding Metal Help

    Thanks for that, I should have said I'll be making a quite a few for a upcoming custom strap project if I can successfully get this to work so cost need to be keep to the minimum, worst case senerio I can buy them off the shelf but I think I can make them for half the price (they are not cheap) Thanks, I was considering JB weld, wasn't sure how good it was, or if there is anything better. I'll give that a try.
  8. Bonding Metal Help

    Hi guys, I'm making a custom watch buckle in stainless steel and I want to attach a small stainless steel logo. What the best way to bond them together so they stay in one piece? Can you recommend an adhesive for the job? Any help would be great. Thanks.
  9. What a pain!

    Much better.
  10. 6263/6239

    Are these Phong dials?
  11. What hands did you get?
  12. Brushing Daytona Bezel

    Thanks. Which technique would you recommend? Pad to bezel, or bezel to pad?
  13. Brushing Daytona Bezel

    Any tips on how to produce a brushed finish on the outer rim of my 6263 bezel which is currently polished? I know both finishes are considered 'correct' but I prefer brushed. How can I do this without damaging/scratching the bezel lip above it? Any tips appreciated.