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  1. SuperDanX

    Is this 6263 a suitable base for modding?

    Strangely enough someone asked exactly the same question not so long ago. http://trustytimestore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_6&products_id=15216 this 6263 has a hand wound moment.
  2. Catalogue now avalible to download as a free pdf https://www.phillips.com/auctions/auction/CH080318 enjoy!
  3. SuperDanX

    Does anyone have Rolojack's contact info?

    @rolojack Makes sense , that’s why your the go to guy for Rolex mods, it’s bad news for me though. Who would be the best person to ask about reshaping my cartel 6239 case? It’s really a job for someone who knows vintage Daytonas well and has the expertise (not me!) If anyone can suggest anyone with experience in this area I really appreciate your help. Cheers! Edit: in the EU ideally.
  4. Bravo to Mr Goldberger and the charities that benefit from the sale, but what do we think of the ‘Unicorn’? Apparently the only white gold 6265 Daytona ever made. I have nothing but respect for Mr Goldberger, and I’m also fully aware of the shady practices the vintage watch world, but I was shocked when I saw the (allegedly) pre restoration pictures of the watch. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions. Quote from John Goldberger: I searched the world for the right components, sparing no expense, to restore it to its original glory. Having most likely gone through several services at Rolex, the dial, pushers, and bezel were incorrect replacements – and in my view, not worthy of the watch. I approached the restoration with meticulous care, keeping the case, caseback, and movement entirely as purchased. I searched for an absolutely period correct dial for the year of manufacture – a stunning black ‘Sigma’ dial with radiant silver subsidiary dials. I replaced the incorrect bezel and pushers faithfully, as they should have been in 1970. Finally, I put the finishing touch on the watch, replacing its generic leather strap with a superb and very rare 18 karat white gold Rolex mesh bracelet made in the second half of the 1960s. Out of respect for one of the world’s most important wristwatches, this uncompromising approach was the only option! I can only imagine the pleasure a collector of vintage cars feels when a top restoration is completed!
  5. SuperDanX

    Who has the best 7206 rep bracelet?

    Sold out everywhere. Any leads on a 7206?
  6. SuperDanX

    Advice for 6241 mods

    Depends on how much you want to spend. A phong case uses a valjoux 72 movement and to build a decent phong based 6241 will cost around four to five thousand USD. It’s well worth modding the cartel Daytona and you can achieve great results, this thread will explain the dial swap New dials are available (quality varies) but say $250 to $300 for a decent dial. Case can be reshaped, which you can do yourself if you have those skills or there are modders who for can do it for you. DW Daytonas are sort after and are no longer made, good case shape but incorrect sub dial spacing, depends how much this bothers you. This is is my cartel Venus 75 based 6239 with the dial swap. I haven’t the skills so I bought mine from another member. By the way how did you get the new bezel to fit the case? That usually this requires machining the bezel or case?
  7. SuperDanX

    1972 Rolex 1675 GMT gloss dial

  8. SuperDanX

    Looking for a cartier santos

    Welcome. https://rwg.cc/forum/230-watches-clothing-parts-accessories/ list of forum trusted dealers.
  9. SuperDanX

    Help with Explorer 6350 Dial

    Black is sold he told me today. They have it in white for 650 Euros ! But whites not for me. Posted across the forums but these seem to be unobtainium now. I’m thinking of asking Ruby about a possible custom order as she’s had them before, Helenarou has done custom explorer prints in the past so I may inquire there also however the waffle might be tall order. @Bart Cordell I’m not sure if this would be possible to do as a decal dial? Would seem unlikely. If I make any progress I’ll post here.
  10. SuperDanX

    Help with Explorer 6350 Dial

    Hi, can anyone help me find a 6350 Rolex Explorer dial please? I’ve tried MQ and the one on there site has sold, Rubywatch doesn’t have then, nothing on eBay either, I know Tonnywatch had them but he doesn’t supply rep dials anymore. Can anyone provide any leads or point me in the right direction for a decent dial please I don’t know where to look. Thanks for your help.
  11. SuperDanX

    A new 5513 build

    Just perfect, really admire your work.
  12. The one year rule is a good one, as a minimalist I can’t stand clutter so throw away things on a regular basis. In regards to watches I think 4 to 7 are enough for me, I’ve yet to own seven watches at one time and tend to find picking a watch to wear a chore when I own more than three! (7 comes from one for every day of the week rinse and repeat, and 4 is a full watch roll and one on the wrist in case you were wondering. I am a funny chap tho.. l’ll keep an eye out for your sales thread
  13. SuperDanX

    Favorite Small Chronograph?

    I wish someone would rep the 60s Heuer Carreras
  14. SuperDanX

    IWC Tribute to Mark XI

    Really like the look of Trusty’s iwc Tribute to Mark XI. Any new vintage style reps are always welcome. Rep Gen