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  1. Seen similar at most dealers. Probably still avalible https://puretime.io/watch-brands/patek-philippe/pp-other/5170g-chronograph-ss-cream-dial-pin-markers-on-black-leather-strap-venus-75.html
  2. Pretty sure some late 5513 dials had white gold surround indexes
  3. Thanks it’s a pump pusher 6239 so crown and tube is 6mm but I assume it’s still okay to fit a gen crown and tube set? Pushers I’m not touching. Thanks.
  4. Hi, has anyone fitted a Rolex crown and tube set to a cartel ST19 based vintage Daytona? Is it possible?
  5. It’s an error. Only in the last few years have Rolex moved the DJ up in size. The vintage men’s DJ are all 36mm which happens to be the perfect size for a DJ.
  6. Afaik Ruby’s email and site have never worked, you pretty much need to pick what from the site and deal with her via WhatsApp.
  7. A lot of watch dealers follow him on Instagram so who knows!
  8. There are some crappy quartz Autavia reps on dhgate
  9. Absolutely. I have no intention of back door selling. If I sell it will be in the appropriate forum. I’m currently looking at other avenues to raise some cash rather than selling my watches but thanks for all the advice.
  10. Haven’t decided to sell yet. If and when I do I’ll list them in the sales forum. Thanks.
  11. Hey guys can anyone explain which models these (stainless steel) cousins Daytona pushers fit? There are two sizes and no compatibility information on the site. Thanks. SS Daytona (24.P302.0) CX = 1.90mm C8374 SS Daytona (24.P302.0) CX = 2.40mm C8374A
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