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  1. Hi - I am looking for one if these but it seems that the trustytime site is no longer Is there a new site or another dealer you’d recommend for the MKF
  2. My lovely Pam strap just gave out unexpectedly - no sign of it splitting or starting to fail, it just popped. Luckily I was sitting down at the time and watch fell in my lap, not on the stone floor. As a result, I need to find a new silicon strap, but want to make sure it is a good quality one so it doesn't happen again. I wear the strap fitted to my wrist (not tight or loose) and so surprised it gave out so suddenly and easily. Where is the best place to source a silicon strap for the pam deployment? I have the buckle and so just need the strap. I have been looking around the forums and online and whilst all straps look the same, they vary massively in price and so I assume quality Thanks so much in advance IMG_3144.HEIC IMG_3145.HEIC IMG_3146.HEIC
  3. Interesting topic and the fake watches for fake people is a bit too stereotypical... i have a mix of real and replica watches. The reps are because I appreciate the design and a mix of: not wanting to spend tens of thousands on a collection, but also not wanting to worry about the real watch in certain situations. A great example I have both gen and replica omega sea master and planet ocean watches. Near identical (though you can certainly tell the quality difference if you look closely - winding quality, fonts, pearl etc). I wear the real 50% of the time and the rep 50% of the time. The rep if I am playing sport, in foreign countries /places I don't know and where I could get unwanted attention. Scraping / scratching a rep is not the end of the world, or getting mugged for a rep would be scary but not a financial loss. Typically when travelling I bang my watch... Rather bang the rep. I also have just a rep of some watches and just a gen of others. Why? Cost, design, how I want to use and wear it. I see some as transient watches, others as keepers and investments.... As with some here, I have bought a rep to try out and see how it feels and looks - I bought a rep Breitling, with the intent of buying a real one later, but it was too showey and didn't look right on my wrist... If I had bought a real one from day one I would have been [censored].
  4. Hi all, I have been searching for a genuine IWC 5004 strap in black croc leather. I read strap daddy is no longer working which is such a shame - hope he is okay. Any thoughts on where I can get one? Or if anyone wants to sell a gen with the deployment buckle, please do let me know. Before I get flooded with rep / custom strap suggestions, I should say I have a great quality rep strap, but the deployment Buckle does not fasten well, plus I like the idea of a gen strap. if this does not seem possible I may end up keeping my strap and just replacing the deployment clasp with a new one - if people have thoughts on the best place to get a new deployment clasp? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi there. I have a lovely IWC BP 5004, however, it has a couple of problems and I wanted to get some advice before I spend a fortune sorting them out. firstly, there is a tiny mark - looks like a small grease mark on the dial (may or may not clean off) and also a small spec of dust is sometimes visible on the dial. I could probably get this cleaned out, but also thought whether it is worth upgrading to a gen dial - is this mod worth the cost and would it be visibly noticeable. Secondly, the crown on my watch simply pulls out to wind the watch up, whereas I understand the gen unscrews first and then pulls out to wind. Am I right on this? Also the crow has also lost its spring to it and so it is hard to get the crown in to switch between winding the watch and changing the date. It would be ideal to replace the crown and stem with one which screwed in and worked better. Is it possible to get rep parts which do that? Or is it worth upgrading to gen parts? Any thoughts would be really appreciated as this watch is a keeper and I would like to make it as accurate as possible as these little things do niggle. Searching through some of the posts makes the mod look easy for a watchsmith (one of those listed on rwg) to carry out, but i want to be sure. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi there. I am looking for a good repairer / moder in the UK. A's name comes up - do you know where he is based? Would you mind PM'ing me his contact details as I dare not chance a Google search and come up with a clone site. Any other recommendations? Thanks in advance
  7. Any updates on the pens - did you receive them and are they good? I am looking for a meisterstuck platinum rollerball - ideally wanted they fountain pen but nib worries put me off. If you have a recommendation on a good source, it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks. I assume that the price reflects a better quality and more accurate watch compared to the omega? My wife prefers omega, but accuracy may swing in favour of Rolex if a lot better.
  9. I have been scouring the forum for great ladies reps and there don't seem to be many options. The aqua tag heuer was recommended but funding one with the usual top dealers seems hard. My other half also likes the omega constellation here... http://www.ttw888.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_82&products_id=396 However, I know little about the accuracy of these. Does anyone have experience of this watch and thoughts on accuracy of the plain model with white dial? Also the diamond model with white dial? I was working on the basis that the latter (with diamonds) would be quite flawed and a give away? Thanks in advance
  10. I have a davidsen ultimate Pam 111 going for three or fours year now and still great. I had a bib strap for it which has been awesome, but now am looking for something that is closer to the gen straps. Did you, or are you replacing your strap, as I think that is one area that is a complete give away on the Pam's? If you are replacing it, did you manage to source a cheap gen / good rep?
  11. Cats - you beat me to it. I was going to ask to be first in line if it ever comes up for sale? Perhaps I can be second in line? Amazing watch and finish. Pm me if you ever want to sell.
  12. Put me down for 1 x IWC big pilot 5004 and 1 x Pam lumina Both in black. Thanks
  13. Awesome advice and responses. Thank you. Accuracy is definitely more important than the working PR. Are there any good rep straps out there as $400 is quite steep unless it really makes the watch perfect. I had not heard of torobravo as a dealer; are they any good and well known? I was looking at perfect clones. Happy try another if they have a better model. I would like to get the quality and accuracy as good as possible. Thanks in advance
  14. Awesome watch and looks amazing with the tattoo! I have been looking at getting one of these for a little while (5004) - this or a bell and Ross vintage. The latter seem to be impossible to find much info on. I have a couple if questions on the IWC.... 1. does the power reserve marker actually function? Whenever I see photos of the 5004 the power reserve is at the one day. 2. Replacing the strap is a must; where have people sourced genuine straps from and is it just the strap that needs replacing or the buckle too? 3. Is it pretty much safe to buy from each of the main rep dealers for this, or are there different versions of the watch? I was thinking josh from PC to be a good source, but if there is an ultimate version out there, it would be great to know before I pull the trigger Thanks in advance and happy new year!
  15. Hi there. Avid follower now of reps and have an omega UPO and an ultimate Pam. I would love to add a bell and Ross br02 to my collection, but have really struggled to find any posts about these in the last year, most are 2011 or 2012. Does anyone know what the current B&R range is like and who is the best source to buy from? I would like to aim for 1:1 accuracy. Ideally I would like to wear it for light swimming, but appreciate this is unlikely give the amount of sealing which would be needed. Any help or experience with the BR02 would be great. Thanks in advance
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