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  1. Love my BLNR Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk And my Bronze! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk 2 My new gen Planet Ocean 9300:-)
  3. Elitist clueless douchebag. Makes me happy as well.
  4. Quick follow up to wife's trip to Ph. She went to greenhill shopping and sent me some pics of watches. AWFUL. There was one somewhat decent rep of a deepsea sea-dweller but they wanted 100 us. I thought best to just offer 50 and walk. Picture is below.
  5. Thanks everyone for the helpful posts. I think I'm going to ask her to stick to the purses . As for going to Phil it'll have to wait for next time. I hear a lot of good and some bad...would like to check it out one day.
  6. Hello all. So my wife is going to Manila on business. Her associate who lives there tells her there are stores lined with reps both watches and purses. I thought of giving her a small wish list but wonder if anyone knows if you can find the quality reps we have come to expect there. Any input helps. Thanks!
  7. That's the one! Thanks very much Jkay!!
  8. Hello my fellow watch nuts, I was reading on this forum a few days ago that a vendor that is not approved on RWG but is on other forums had noob subs for $48. Does anyone know the website? I lost the thread and can't remember the address. Thanks in advance!!!
  9. Wow. That's the combination I've been looking for! Can you tell me where to find Kain straps? Thank you!
  10. My next Rep Purchase Fo Sure!!
  11. Thanks! I must say I am very happy with this watch. It wears real comfortable. You do have to trim the strap though. Hont has been great to deal with as well and I will look to him in the future for other purchases.
  12. Finally!!!! Thanks b16a2!!!!! OK see pics below and let me know your thoughts... 2 minor issues with the watch. 1. The SS link on one side seems to have "bit into the rubber part of the strap as you can see here... 2. The other SS link has a smudge/scratch right where the letter N is.. Here are the rest of the pictures...
  13. Well Looks like i'm stuck trying to load the pictures on here. I have them uploaded to photobucket but i can't seem to transfer them onto here??? Help !!
  14. Arrived this morning from Hont...Superfast shipping. A couple small issues I have. I'll post pics later with my Dslr. Thanks
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