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  1. highoeyazmuhudee

    Rolex cal. 1570 to 1520 ?

    Thanks so much for the info. I seem to find 1570 date movements for sale quite readily and for less than 1520's I have all the parts required to build a franken 5513 but still shopping for the correct movement. You've pointed out some differences in the 1570 date movement that might be more trouble than it's worth to convert for use in a no date 5513 case. so the answer is either a 1520 or a 1570 that came from a no date watch in the first place as being the best fit for use in a 5513?
  2. highoeyazmuhudee

    Rolex cal. 1570 to 1520 ?

    How easy is it to convert a Rolex cal. 1570 with date parts (from an oyster perpetual) for use as a 5513 cal 1520 movement? Am I correct in thinking just remove the date mech parts and change the engraved 1570 bridge to 1520 (if you really want consistency) and you're good to go... or are there differences in cal. measurements that make this untenable? I think hand sizes and dial feet holes are the same... I think the balance wheel is slightly different though (inclusion of weights) but the beat is the same.
  3. highoeyazmuhudee

    'Sidewinder' clasp...

    I'd believe Rolex made it.
  4. highoeyazmuhudee

    Arrived today, ARF SD43 V2

    first thing I noticed was how well the date wheel looked. usually too bold, but that looks more than decent stock.
  5. highoeyazmuhudee

    Rolex 1655 Explorer 2

    looks really good :good:
  6. highoeyazmuhudee

    5500 explorer build

    quite nice! good build
  7. highoeyazmuhudee

    My gmt peps

  8. highoeyazmuhudee

    Build gmt 1675 UAE

    very cool build :good:
  9. highoeyazmuhudee

    Rolex Tool for repair/reassemble Oyster Links

    $1200 vise?
  10. highoeyazmuhudee

    16610 QC

    looks good. reps are amazing these days out of the box.
  11. highoeyazmuhudee

    Installing a hev valve on a cartel 1665

    never really understood the point of a functional he valve on a rep build. (99% gen franken builds excluded, of course :D) they're expensive, complicated, potential for leakage. just sand the existing one with 2000grit to give it some contrast between the case and valve and don't worry about it.
  12. highoeyazmuhudee

    1570 datewheel overlay

    I think someone may have made one of these alignment tools before. I have a pic but no file for it.
  13. highoeyazmuhudee

    Winter 7922 / Reflections

    that's a great build
  14. highoeyazmuhudee

    My Rolex submariner 16610 ln modded

    very nice. what gen parts did you use?
  15. highoeyazmuhudee

    Crypto Currencies

    I bought bitcoin back in 2013 when it was 3 digits, sold it a year later making a 400% return. It's now too expensive for the average person to buy into. I think it'll recede to around $10k then rise again. I have bought into alt coins, as some are actually technically more robust than bitcoin with more of a future. Bitcoin right now is all speculation and marketing from people with vested interests. Here are some alt coins to consider that are cheap and can net you double your investment short term. The following I bought when they were half the price they currently are: ripple xpr gas cardano ada neo ans eos monero xmr ethereum eth lightcoin ltc