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  1. hey sorry for the delay (the bracelet link was in a storage box away from my place), once I get home today I will take a photo and measure it for you. if it fits you I'll ship it to you
  2. Hi guys, I am looking for a case back of a tricompax navitimer rep (with the sliderule engraving), If anyone has one he does not need I might be interested in buying it. Let me know, PM me. thanks!
  3. Cool thanks for the tip mate! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I might have a link, I will check Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hey mates, I was wondering if Perfect clones is still in business (the site is up) ? I was looking at one of his Navitimer serie specliele reps. Thanks, db1
  6. Hi guys, I was looking at the Serie Speciele Navitimer on Perfect clone's site, at link - /bl10034-navitimer-serie-speciale-black-dial-working-chronos-p-1693.html Does anyone knows what type case this one has ? I'm thinking of doing a franken navitimer (using a gen 7750 movement, hands and dial ) would the gen parts fit in there ? (mainly movement and dial - hands should fit on a swiss 7750 as much as I remember) Any help will be so much appreciated thanks! db1
  7. thats some good info! thanks I guess you're right than
  8. Hi guys, I am not sure how many of us are still in need for genuine looking DW for breitling reps. I know the good old Lello DW are gone years ago, but how about a new production of DW ? Anyone thought about it ? db1
  9. Thanks for the input friends! The photos indeed looks too good to be real (perfect date window, too perfect), how does the rep from the TD looks like? I know that the standard-grade reps are all made in the same factory, but am I wrong about this one? Cheers
  10. They post it without the marking, but does the dial and shape are any good ? Or the "rep" is better ?
  11. Hi Guys, I don't have any IWC reps right now, actually lately I've been wearing my gen Oris artelier big date. I've came across a rep IWC Portuguese 7 days PR rep that is about $105 including shipping, it has the seagull movement (not sure if the one with the skeletonzied rotor or not - anyway the movement is not per gen). What do you think about the looks ? is it worth buying ? as much as i'm aware, the "standard" reps such as this, are usually all from the same factory with the same pros and cons no matter who is the dealer (correct me if i'm wrong) I've attached two photos of the rep. I've love to see your opinions. Thanks in advance Db1
  12. OK I can see that intime has them ! looking at product = 150 (black sub) - Is this ver is the one that should accept gen tube and crown right out of the box? thanks
  13. Hi mates, As the title says - Where can I find a BP Submariner in SS, black face, with the asian eta movement ? Which TD sell them right now? Many thanks! db1
  14. It's a scam. a genuine ETA 7750 movement alone costs about $400-500. also - the swiss movement for a tricompax layout should be the 7753, not a 7750. some dealers are trying to pump up their sales using the "swiss movement" sales speech cause they know people are looking for reps with "swiss" movements.
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