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  1. GMT2 116710ln Franken on a budget.

    I get what what you are saying about the new model but I worry they will mess it up and I'll put a £$€ of gen parts onto a movement that could be a ticking time bomb!! So undecided!
  2. GMT2 116710ln Franken on a budget.

    Ha ha. I'm pretty frustrated at waiting for a used noob v2 to appear in the sales sections so you never know I could be tempted to jack this project in at some point! I know maybe I should just order from a td but seems a shame to spend so much as most of the parts will be replaced.
  3. GMT2 116710ln Franken on a budget.

    Here's the dial and bezel.
  4. Good evening. I managed to het get hold of some gen Rolex parts and want to build a Franken gmt. I've got; gen bezel gen dial tc dwo gen crystal with Lec and ar date bubble. So im thinking all I need is a donor v2 onwards gmt2 116710? I read a rumour of a new chs version being released by noob factory, any updated word on this? Im really trying to keep costs down as I got a deal on the gen parts and a Franken of this standard for under £800 all In would be a great achievement for me and a good compliment to my gen Rolex sub.
  5. Hi. Sorry for the late reply, but only just spotted it.

    When I first talked to him he had no problems doing any kind of work to a rep. He's a long standing watchmaker used to working on most types and I'm sure would assemble a watch for you if you send the parts. Just give him a ring and run him through what you need.

    He's just fixed a date change problem on an A2836 movement for me and was going to source and fit an ETA2836 in to another watch until I changed my mind.

    Good luck.

  6. Gen rolex gmt2

    Congrats. great feeling getting a gen but despite having a gen submariner and omega smp I still like the availability and affordability of reps!
  7. Uk watchmaker who will work on reps.

    I know you sent a movement but would he work on assembling a Franken?
  8. Help with a half link for 42mm PO

    That's cool and I'm grateful but really is just the small half link I need to make mine fit.
  9. Help with a half link for 42mm PO

    Thanks mate. Let me know. Maid give my right arm for a gen bezel but I'm afraid paying for. Brand new one defeats the object of what statyed and remains a budget build. Yours does look great though.
  10. Help with a half link for 42mm PO

    Wow at cousins it costs more for a half link that what I paid for my dial and hands! Dont want this project to spiral out of control. Maybe I'll just have to wear it loose. Unless a kind owner has a spare kicking about in a parts drawer?!
  11. Help with a half link for 42mm PO

    Had a look on eBay and they all seem to be for the 951 bracelet. I I need the smaller width. I'll try cousins, but wanted to keep it rep if possible for cost reasons.
  12. Hi guys A couple more additions to my Franken PO I replaced the lmpo case back with a gen case back i sourced a v5 bracelet for my Franken PO and attached gen end links. Really happy I now have a 2201.50.00 just short a half link for the perfect fit and have no idea where to find one. Can anyone help me out?
  13. My Franken Planet Ocean 2901.50.91

    Updated the faded second hand to a new one...
  14. My Franken Planet Ocean 2901.50.91

    A few daytime shots;