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  1. I get what what you are saying about the new model but I worry they will mess it up and I'll put a £$€ of gen parts onto a movement that could be a ticking time bomb!! So undecided!
  2. Ha ha. I'm pretty frustrated at waiting for a used noob v2 to appear in the sales sections so you never know I could be tempted to jack this project in at some point! I know maybe I should just order from a td but seems a shame to spend so much as most of the parts will be replaced.
  3. Good evening. I managed to het get hold of some gen Rolex parts and want to build a Franken gmt. I've got; gen bezel gen dial tc dwo gen crystal with Lec and ar date bubble. So im thinking all I need is a donor v2 onwards gmt2 116710? I read a rumour of a new chs version being released by noob factory, any updated word on this? Im really trying to keep costs down as I got a deal on the gen parts and a Franken of this standard for under £800 all In would be a great achievement for me and a good compliment to my
  4. Hi. Sorry for the late reply, but only just spotted it.

    When I first talked to him he had no problems doing any kind of work to a rep. He's a long standing watchmaker used to working on most types and I'm sure would assemble a watch for you if you send the parts. Just give him a ring and run him through what you need.

    He's just fixed a date change problem on an A2836 movement for me and was going to source and fit an ETA2836 in to another watch until I changed my mind.

    Good luck.

  5. Congrats. great feeling getting a gen but despite having a gen submariner and omega smp I still like the availability and affordability of reps!
  6. I know you sent a movement but would he work on assembling a Franken?
  7. That's cool and I'm grateful but really is just the small half link I need to make mine fit.
  8. Thanks mate. Let me know. Maid give my right arm for a gen bezel but I'm afraid paying for. Brand new one defeats the object of what statyed and remains a budget build. Yours does look great though.
  9. Wow at cousins it costs more for a half link that what I paid for my dial and hands! Dont want this project to spiral out of control. Maybe I'll just have to wear it loose. Unless a kind owner has a spare kicking about in a parts drawer?!
  10. Had a look on eBay and they all seem to be for the 951 bracelet. I I need the smaller width. I'll try cousins, but wanted to keep it rep if possible for cost reasons.
  11. Hi guys A couple more additions to my Franken PO I replaced the lmpo case back with a gen case back i sourced a v5 bracelet for my Franken PO and attached gen end links. Really happy I now have a 2201.50.00 just short a half link for the perfect fit and have no idea where to find one. Can anyone help me out?
  12. Updated the faded second hand to a new one...
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