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  1. Thank you very much gentlemen. It is nice when a project comes together without too much fuss.
  2. My Franken 114060LV It has been quite a while since I have posted anything on any forum but thought I would share my latest completed project. I started this one with the hopes of building a nice no date franken Submariner. The hardest step by far was finding the correct case to start the project. I knew that I wanted to use a Noob V6S case for the SA3135 movement and bracelet but finding one proved to be quite difficult. I was lucky enough to finally find one in very good condition. I was initially going to use a Yuki 3135 converted to a 3130 but found a genuine 3130 movement for a ve
  3. Thank you very much gentlemen!!!
  4. Hey Guys, I don't post much on the forums these days but felt that this one deserved a post. Or some pictures at the very least. I feel like I need to say that this build was probably the most difficult I have done in terms of almost every little thing fighting me. The project started a couple of years ago when I ordered the old style 5002 rep without a working power reserve. I then started the long search for genuine parts. I had found all of the parts that I needed and started to work on the old movement to use the genuine date wheel, when I was told to put the project on hold. Th
  5. That is truly some amazing work!!! You are doing things that many shops could only dream of doing. Major kudos!!!!
  6. Your work is impeccable M!!!! You showed off some great skills with this one and solved the problem of the ICHS movement Enjoy this beautiful franken!!!!!!
  7. I have always soaked the hands in acetone to remove the lume. This has always worked for me. Even the hands that have the white paint added to the back. It usually either dissolves or comes off in one sheet. I haven't seen it bubble up like your picture. Very curious.
  8. I think there is a coat applied to the top side of the crystal under the cyclops and and coat applied to the bottom of the crystal under the cyclops.
  9. Hope he doesn't mind me linking to his picture. http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l127/freddydynip/062-2_2__tonemapped1.jpg
  10. Yes. Freddy has a great picture showing it. If you google Rolex crystal AR, it will show up in the images. It is way better than I could show.
  11. The SubC crystal (25-295-C12) only has AR on the cyclops. It is applied to the bottom of the cyclops and the underside of the crystal where the cyclops sits. This is the same as the other crystal as well. I don't think Rolex has AR'ing entire crystals yet.
  12. Thanks so much for the comparison. It is nice to see them side by side. I know I will be referencing it later. Thanks again!!!!
  13. Sorry that can't give any tips to remove the insert, but you are right in that Rolex does use a special die that fits the slots in the bezel. Here is a scan showing the die (sorry it isn't super clear). Good luck and let us know if you succeed. Thanks!!!!
  14. I also finally got around to taking some halfway decent pictures of the build so here they are: Here is the build list if anyone is curious: Midcase: TC Caseback: Preik Display Back Bezel Assembly: Genuine Crystal: Genuine Non-Service Tube: Genuine Crown: Genuine 704 Monobloc Movement: Genuine 3135 Dial and Hands: Genuine Insert: Genuine Bracelet: Hybrid (TC V3 endlinks and main link with genuine 93250 clasp and diver's extension) Before anyone says that I could almost buy a genuine for the parts I used or it was a waste, let m
  15. I got my Sean case back a couple of weeks ago after being refinished (by Phong) and it turned out really well. I was pleased with it and started my build but didn't like the gap in the SEL when I added the gen bracelet to the case. I tried getting a couple of TC bracelets to fit but they needed a good bit of work to fit properly and I just didn't feel like doing it. So, I decided not to use the Sean case. I had a TC case in my drawer that married up well with the TC bracelet end links, so that is the way I went. I figured you guys would want to see how it turned out after being refinished
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