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  1. Where's the bezel coming off at? The clip or is the crystal retainer coming off. If it the crystal retainer, Try to drop a Clark tropic 39 or a 19 in it. Maybe you'll get lucky. The last cartel 1665 I bought had / has the assembly with the crap plastic gasket between the crystal and retainer. I was able to press on a 1680 bezel (Clark) but the fit is tight. I haven't messed with it since it's just hanging in the parts box. Sounds like you have a little extra space so may the gen spec crystal will fit and keep the retainer on. If it's just the bezel clip you could swap th
  2. Next day, not to bad. Cleaning inside the lug holes helped bring out the luster. Little big at 1.3mm but the spring bar has the right look on the wrist. I think a case polish at some point soften up the lugs a little.
  3. All opened up and buffed out. Not happy with the lug holes. They need some sweet loving camfer and its just not there. I refuse to even photograph them. Lol
  4. On a layover in Hiroshima, After opening up my lug holes on my 5513 I never got to debur perfectly. This has been on the todo list for a couple months. It's very very slight but you know how theat goes. I've been in Hiroshima for the past couple days. Today I was in a department store called Tokyu Hands. They had a little watch repair section. Case openers, dust blowers, loupes etc. Also all the metric drill bits I could ever want. Great tweezers stainless steel buffing cloth and micro fine sanding mesh. Time to kick back and re-drill some lugs. Then eat ramen and drink
  5. This is great!!!. Let's keep this alive https://www.shapeways.com/product/L6HSDJ38E/dwotool-v1-1mm?li=shortUrl&key=0ab43a09bbf7959ecd88dbc54b19c55a Just ordered this. Looks legit. $16 total
  6. One more run up north. Then out of the hostile desert and back to the correct side of the planet.
  7. http://youtu.be/qtgAJBPPefM at minute 13:15 it's all keyless works. To be clear, I'm not saying decase and head into the keyless works. The video is more for reference and a visual of what's going on behind the scenes. Just take the case back off. You've obviously figured out how to remove the stem by pressing down on the back side (button) of the return bar** chime in if its the setting lever. Sometimes I press (gently) on that button that releases the stem. But instead of sliding -out- the stem see if you can push it in a little further. Might take a little gentle e
  8. This. Does the stem come right out? Can you set the hour and date? Congrats on first build. Looks great. Sounds about right, totally nonfunctional. I destroyed mine. It gets easier. With more practice. Guys will chime in and get it sorted out. Hopefully it's simple. was the stem part of yukis kit? (Pre attached to the crown?)
  9. Deep in the sand, heading to a dangerous place.
  10. Love it! Great write up. Almost ready to pull the trigger. All the pieces are there. Just having a little issue with the case. It would seem I tapped it at a bit of an angle. The crown sits just off center and touches the lug. Some day I'll commit.
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