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  1. I still have a EL DJ with the TT wrapped gold This watch too is about 15 years old. Still looks good. I imagine the movement must really be a gen ETA.
  2. That watch is total class! Somewhere in my AD catalog collection, I believe I have one where the same watch is shown. The blue-Roman really makes it! Speaking of blue dials, today I saw a SS TOG with a cotton candy blue dial at an estate jewelry store. That was one very interesting combo. Be sure to show us your DJ once you have the SEL bracelet on.
  3. I've had too much experience with a bad 2836 GMT. If I were to do it all over again I'd get a 21jewel Asian movement model I'd just be sure to find one that has the correct size crown.
  4. Yes my crown is gen. It was really surprising to see them offering a rep clasp now. How and why that all came about has got to be interesting.
  5. I think the 2836 is going to be your best bet for a 16000 case because, as I remember when researching all of this last year, the 2824 can have spacing issues as can the 2892---the 2892 is best for the 16233 case.
  6. Yikes! I've purchased a crown and tube from him last summer. Everything about the ones he had (at the time) seemed legit.I'm sure glad I didn't get my clasp from him;but one glance at the coronet on that one screams fake.
  7. My Franken is a 16013 case with a 2836 and jmb built it so the shimming must be the secret. I never even heard of issues with the stem against the tube until I saw this thread.That really intrigues me. I'm even more thankful I farmed mine out to be built. Maybe jmb can make you a custom spsacer ring for your 2824 like he did for my 2836.
  8. I just recently had a clone eta GMT repaired. The datewheel was jammed and the GMT hand will no longer operate. Apparently the date wheel was able to be repaired but not the GMT hand. Something possibly to do with a pivot hole. At least the date and time work so I use the watch as-is. I had earlier misfortune with another GMT last year which worked for over 3 years before it went totally haywire. The cause of it was the need for some kind if spacer or washer which I recall was a ETA part. I only learned this after I sold the watch to someone who was able to diagnose it. I guess good diagnosis and full repair of GMTs will be more and more prevalent now.
  9. Love that look. I wouldn't have a GMT any other way. Currently, my Pepsi on Jubilee is out for the count: frozen date wheel and GMT hand :-( I'm trying to see about repairs.
  10. My 16013 Franken has a 2836 with a spacer ring by JMB.
  11. If you want the new style hidden clasp jubilee bracelet, I'd ask several dealers to see if they can sell you one with thick plating. If you want the old style one that has the buckle, those are dfficult to get,especially in thick plating. I'd keep my eyes peeled on eBay. There is at least one seller I recall that sells one like that, but the price is over $100 and the buckle doesn't have the coronet logo/signed interior. It all depends on your budget.
  12. I know precisely what you mean. I replaced that very type of movement with upside down battery earlier this year. Thankfully, none other than Gary Clark sold and installed it for me. It made me regretful I ever bought the Ebel back when I did in the first place.
  13. Copy that and my build was just a 16000 series. JMB saves the day!
  14. I'd sure like to see a run of vintage Day-Date reps ( pre '80's) to accompany the all-so popular sports models, but that looks like it's not to be :-(
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