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  1. He was modding the original Super Sea Dweller, the SSD. As far as I know that's all he did.
  2. There seems to be a lot of this going one lately among all the forums. I just don't understand it other than maybe they're all getting too big and starting to attract the low life internet scammers.
  3. For what it's worth, which probably isn't much, I strongly dislike it. Way too much has changed and now none of my old bookmarked links seem to work. (Although I only tried a couple of them.) Also the front page has way too much useless clutter on the left side.
  4. To me it's not the reps. It's the people that buy them. I long for the good old days when you get a rep and thought how awesome it was because it was "so close to gen". Now it's WTF!!! My blah blah blah, is not 100% gen like. Look at that date wheel. The mag is only 2x instead of 2.5x. Bunch of friggin self absorbed whiners that expect a gen for 5% of the price. But I'm in that mood too.
  5. Not that it really matters prdubis, but the topic of the thread is Speedmaster Date, not Broad Arrow, And it was the Date model that was being discussed when you commented that it had a sunken date wheel.
  6. OK, so that's an Omega Broad Arrow, not a Speedmaster Date model. Not even close. What's your point?
  7. Mucho love here. I've had one for several years. It was one of the very first super reps. And it doesn't have a sunken date wheel.
  8. I hope that's because English is not your first language. Stick with Alibaba if the only thing that matters is price..
  9. Frosty, consider that you got 5 good years out of a $100 watch and move on. Nobody services those movements, they are throw aways. And with a Daytona and the additional pushers you can't even have it replaced for less that the cost of a new one of the same quality. You can either read up on how to regulate the movement yourself or consider it a total loss because it's just not worth putting any more money into.
  10. Greece is an import driven economy and as such I'm sure they rely heavily of import duties, especially now in this time of crisis.
  11. I think it looks great. I don't see any glaring flaws other than the insert Mickey mentioned.
  12. Nice looking but clone. Seagull I believe.
  13. That would be something if it was one of those PC clone sites that wasjust trying to run out the clock on a refund.
  14. Knowing where you live might make an answer more meaningful.
  15. A little more detail regarding the jewels in our ETA/clone movements. 17 jewels was all that were required for these and most simple movements until the jewel wars heated up. ETA added the extra jewels into the winding module where most of them went into the two reversing gears. Most experts at the time found this to be a marketing ploy more than an actual benefit since, one, they were not in use near as much as in other parts of the gear train that were jeweled and in constant motion, and secondly, those parts were very cheap and easy to replace during a normal servicing. So in reality the older 17 jewel movements are just as reliable.
  16. How's your PayPal dispute vs Toro going? You'll be banned shortly from here also, I would suspect.
  17. Sorry Mike. I don't think he does any DJ II's. Just 36mm cases.
  18. On the 2893 use a H5 canon pinion set and it's still a very tight fit. I got one to work in my GMTIIC and wouldn't want to try it again. I still had to bend the GMT hand slightly up to go over the dial indices.
  19. kbh

    Fricken Bears

    How does bear meat taste? Does it keep well in the freezer?
  20. I like the super glue idea. Why not just super glue a nut to the back and use a wrench to turn it. Same thing I suppose but it seems that a nut would be easier to glue.
  21. Or try again to use the duct tape method and push harder. I had a Rolex case that was real hard to get loose. I ended up finding a socket, as in from a set of socket wrench tools, that fit the knurled portion of the Rolex case back and taped the end with duct tape (It was a 28mm socket) and used it to loosen the case back. The socket acted like a handle and gave me something to apply more downward force while turning.
  22. Well, since the mods don't seem to care........ The only reason they're over here fkkin with us is because we're so busy over there sticking our nose in their sorry a**ed countries business. The world was a much better place with a few strong men dictators keeping the population under control. Look at how that area has deteriorated since we took out Khadafi and Hussein. Then we promote the over throw Assad and turn that place upside down. They aren't ready and don't want US style democracy. I did two tours in Viet Nam in the 70's so I think i'm entitled to make these statements. We were so busy saving the world from communism and the falling dominoes in SE Asia. That worked out about as well as this latest fiasco. And funny how none of the other "dominoes" fell after Saigon..... By the way, what do you think that watch is worth?
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