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    Awesome! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Want to buy BCE parts

    Thanks. I'll see if he has anything left. I appreciate the response.
  3. Want to buy BCE parts

    Primarily Movement retaining ring and dial. But here is a good list to start and try and be comprehensive: Retaining ring/spacer Dial Crystal I have a gen case and other parts. I have a swiss movement. I have half a gen dial which I can use the rep tachy ring. Like I said a complete watch to cannibalize would be good otherwise, the parts above.
  4. Want to buy BCE parts

    Broken watch is fine. Just need some of the parts to build a franken... I posted a WTB ad but people may read here first... Thanks in advance.
  5. Cali 3646 Vintage

    Beautiful! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Ebel 1911 Discovery Chrono White

    I can sell you my Gen for $950.... Just let me know. Bracelet is very short, but at this price....... I may part it out...
  7. Gauging Interest- Panerai Tool Redux

    I just don't know if I have it. Take measurements and ill see what's left...
  8. Gauging Interest- Panerai Tool Redux

    I may. Optimal word is may. The 47mm cases were all over the place in size. I made a batch about 3 or 4 years ago and they barely sold...I may have prototypes left, but I cannot guarantee fit.
  9. Gauging Interest- Panerai Tool Redux

    My son got to get the prototypes.... He used them to prop up a refridgerator...
  10. Gauging Interest- Panerai Tool Redux

    My pleasure! Here to serve....
  11. Gauging Interest- Panerai Tool Redux

    Replied. Thanks!
  12. Not necessarily wrong...I see some of the same trends...I can tell you that I make Frankens all the time for my personal use. I use Pam cases and a strange myriad of parts....Having said that, I dont post my mods or builds as they are not "mainstream" and not for the faint of heart. Maybe more of the experts at modding etc. are not posting or have moved on? Not sure, but there is a new crop of new buyers/members and to your point above, they are looking for gens at rep prices...
  13. Apple Visionary Steve Jobs Dies At 56

    Broke my heart. I worked at Apple 5 years and got to meet him in person....
  14. Wtf Happened To The Sales Section?

    Same question...