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  1. Franken? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. He bought a preowned gen, enumerated the parts, that's it. I was kidding actually, lol! Its a beautiful watch, and basically a gen just like what @panerai153 said. I'm curious too about the story of how the parts came all together and how much it cost in the end.
  3. So these movements are COSC grade and the have COSC serial stamped on the movement?
  4. Fedex can only compensate the value that was declared when it was shipped thou, so how much was declared? Although as the OP got his refund now and even a new portu build at no cost he might not go after this anymore... but I hope not. Certainly the one who signed for the package have knowledge and the OP should go after that guy IMO. Its either the security guy who signed it or the new tenant enjoying the watch now. But I am betting its the security guy as he should know that the OP have already moved out in the first place as the parcel was named after the OP. N is a class act for giving FULL refund.
  5. This got me confused too. But I read before that its ok to take the stem off while in the hand setting position on 7750 movements and when re-inserting it, slightly push the crown release button just like when you did when you took it off. I did it before and it worked. Wait for some experts advice thou..
  6. You can use a capecod to wipe it off but it would take some effort/time to do so depending on the strength of AR coating on the crystal.
  7. Guys its a top gun v2 rep.
  8. How about Ti CGs? I hear DSN makes good ones, but other than DSN, is there any good Ti CGs to buy from?
  9. When a rep dealer begins selling gen watches it would look odd. So I asked a couple of dealers and they told/assuured me that the parts are not gen... and they can get it too if I want but its not gen parts.
  10. I don't know which gear to move.. so I'll just be bringing this to a local watchsmith and see what he does about it.
  11. Yeah some people do custom serials/engravings... but on the other forum RG. Maybe some people here too..
  12. Its weird, this is first time I had this problem with a 7750 movement and over a swiss 7750 one. I think something must be reinstalled underneath the date-day wheels, the 2 small circles with a pointer that revolves. But what do I know!
  13. It has a day and date wheel.. The problem is they do not change at the same time! The date wheel changes at 12:00am while the day wheel changes at 12:00pm VICE-VERSA, don't know which is correct obviously. I disassembeled it and began re-installing the day wheel but it still changes the same way, the day or date wheel is 12hrs late/faster.. Only correct is they turn at 12.. but not the same time! Is this an easy fix or I let a watch maker fix it for me?
  14. That LH dial really pops out! And the Ti Case and CG is very good to, is this a simple cartel case set? Or an EL or JF, etc? Very nice watch!!!
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