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  1. Then get the new NOOB Daytona that just came out.
  2. Sorry for putting out this old thread, but I just ran into this problem building a frankenjust. I have 2836-2 movement and everything is put thogether, but the stem does not go straight in through the tube because it is too high. Is there any easy way to fix this?
  3. [censored] amazing! Damn... I somehow feel that I need one of those, but can't quite justify to spend that money on a franken. Amazing work... somehow it is even more special than a gen...
  4. Amazing! How much will you charge for those?
  5. no, toro has it too. Don't need to refresh your mailbox every 10 mins... it will take 1-2 days
  6. Of course...it didn't arrive. I HATE GLS... since they took over delivery of royal mail parcels from the uk it takes at lease twice as long as before. 9 days from uk... and still not here... you got to be kidding me. tracking says they stored it in their depot... arrived this night, but apparently they were too lazy to put it on the delivery truck this morning.
  7. anyone? guess I'll just have to put it up for sale and see for myself...
  8. because it is her daily beater and she wouldn't have the watch for a few weeks if I had sent it out for a service. It's working without problems at the moment... only running a little fast and if she takes it off early she needs to reset the time the next day... so I guess it's easier if I just exchange the movement in half an hour of work and sell the "old" movement to someone who can service it for himself or doesn't mind the power reserve or whatever
  9. Hi, I just bought a new movement for my gf's watch, because the power reserve started to get low. (about 12 hours) and it is about 15 sec/day too fast. (it was this fast since she got it)... So I thought I might be able to sell the movement on the bay or on the geek if it will eventually come online again, but I have no idea which price would be fair for it. it's a guaranteed swiss 2836-2 (golden) movement with a winceton rotor that needs a service. Thank a lot in advance for your help guys.
  10. No way they will make a decent version of the watch... I'd say it's impossible to rep it's functions.
  11. That's normal! Gen inserts (at least with the watches from the last 10 years) have to be pressed in quite hard in gen rolex watches, too.
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