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  1. hi a newbie question i'm after a Chronomat Evolution Stainless Steel Black subdial with charcoal face as per the picture attached

    i cannot see where i can place an order or any sellers but there is section for orders and manage purchases so im confussed...easily done im told


  2. My first post in years! Noob questions about the LMPO :)

    The old guard are here just quietly getting on with life, welcome back
  3. yep i know what you mean about the expencive fossil watches, i used to get it lots in my last job, Andy can you change a battery for me in my best and most expencive watch? me- what is it? Them- A fossil, quite expencive, have you heard of them? me facepalm!
  4. What do you think, or my bad luck continues!

    I have the same on my 089, it is a reflection, I think it has something to do with the AR between the cyclops and the crystal, I just learnt to not notice it
  5. FGD minute hand won't fit flush with CP. What to do?

    Fit a higher Canon pin Sent from my SM-T110 using Tapatalk
  6. Mark 17 movement+dial swap

    I doupt it will with that stem height difference, is there not a V2 with a A2892?
  7. Hiya from Germany

    Willkommen im RWG
  8. What do you think, or my bad luck continues!

    It is a reflection Sent from my SM-T110 using Tapatalk
  9. Dhgate

    This one is perfume-store
  10. Dhgate

    Has any one here ever used this site? I think I may have found the titainium bracelet I have been looking for http://www.dhgate.com/store/product/watch-new-44-mm-titanium-brown-marina-pam/170484000.html Any feed back on the seller or dhgate its self?
  11. Help, need strap for Ingeniuer

    I would not recommend if it was not good
  12. Help, need strap for Ingeniuer

    Jacob straps in Spain can custom build you the strap you want I have one for my ingy
  13. New rep: 44mm IWC Aquatimer Vintage, IW323101

    The 7750 has a nice large rotor to emulate the gen sized rotor, but they could have used a number of seagull movements that would have fitted better