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  1. ezod

    This is a big f++ker

    Is that a real watch? Goodness gracious! That 51mm looks ridiculous. BTW, your TT1 looks great.
  2. ezod

    Mid Week Wrist Check

    So comfortable with a gen strap.
  3. ezod

    Bell & Ross

    Yeah, I agree that B&R will be around for a long time. The Instrument series has a great design for function and asthetically it's easily identifiable. My one concern about B&R is the Eta movements used in their timepieces. Are they going to manufacture their own movements? How will the change in Eta movement availability affect B&R?
  4. ezod

    New Week Wrist Check

    For Monday - BR03-94 (Black and White) For Tuesday - Pam239
  5. ezod

    Which model is Federer wearing?

    That DDII looks a TON bigger at 41mm than to old Presidentials. Much more sporty too. It's a nice change.
  6. ezod

    Which model is Federer wearing?

    When you say 'squarish' and mean round, then Yes it's 'squarish'.
  7. ezod

    Which model is Federer wearing?

    He's probably got on the Day-Date II in Platinum.
  8. Thanks Z for reposting your article. You've got some awesome machining toys.