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  1. Is that a real watch? Goodness gracious! That 51mm looks ridiculous. BTW, your TT1 looks great.
  2. So comfortable with a gen strap.
  3. Yeah, I agree that B&R will be around for a long time. The Instrument series has a great design for function and asthetically it's easily identifiable. My one concern about B&R is the Eta movements used in their timepieces. Are they going to manufacture their own movements? How will the change in Eta movement availability affect B&R?
  4. For Monday - BR03-94 (Black and White) For Tuesday - Pam239
  5. That DDII looks a TON bigger at 41mm than to old Presidentials. Much more sporty too. It's a nice change.
  6. When you say 'squarish' and mean round, then Yes it's 'squarish'.
  7. He's probably got on the Day-Date II in Platinum.
  8. Thanks Z for reposting your article. You've got some awesome machining toys.
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