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  1. If I could have lunch with a dead person Jimi is on the short list. Can you believe we have been hanging out here for 13 years?
  2. And my rig is custom made cabinets, by me, Mesa 2x90 watt tube power amp and helix running the amp emulation
  3. Just stopping in for some info. Haven’t had $$ for watches in forever. But I still watch joshes site just to keep up on what’s new in the neighborhood. Miss you guys And my axe these days is the Shuriken variax.... only Guitar you will ever need
  4. Just stopping in for some info. Haven’t had $$ for watches in forever. But I still watch joshes site just to keep up on what’s new in the neighborhood. Miss you guys
  5. Looks like this guy is a big time contributor what what
  6. I am in fact dead, hence my changed forum (on purpose dont write it out) name.but some of you reading the thread should be able to catch it.
  7. best of luck, I basically stopped selling even on ebay due to these type of people. hundreds of transactions, years of great experiences, then the world changes and the systems are heavily skewed to the buyer as they assume as long as the buyer returns the product everyone is fine. well, not if your Iphone is worth 1/2 of what it was when you sold it, or your watch was working and the buyer either assumed the risk, or broke it from bad care themselves. Its unfortunate.
  8. Happy Birthday fotoman!

  9. I have the sec at 12. I have had it for a few years now. It's in the regular rotation. The watch and band and all have held up very well. I also have one of the original rubberclads. On mine, as with all my watches I got the crystal ar. I can't stand reflections and sitting next to someone with the gen, mine looks better. I didn't see if the quartz was titanium, it makes a difference, it's not a heavy watch at all. My father always says he wants one when he sees mine, but neither of us are making enough $$ to justify the freight on this one. I have suggested to him several times to get the quartz and he refuses to do it, even though he has several quartz watches that he wears. There is 1 major upside to this model, the date window is set flush to the inner bezel. On the [email protected] it goes underneath the inner bezel. But, looking at your quality control looks pretty much what I see when I look down at my wrist. It's a much better comparison than the dealer photos. If I knew someone who really wanted a ceramic bezel ap I'd Steer them to the quartz. While I love mine, at the time I bought it, the selection of a+ type reps was much more limited. There is just so much available now. Even in the other sec @12 ap's. or especially the diver. Fun watch. Not much like it out there, beware the ceramic bezel. I haven't damaged it from wear but, if you over tighten one of those screws it will snap in an instant and the replacement bez is at least 50$ if you can find one Enjoy!!
  10. Thx ok, I finally got a service to host the full size just FYI, for those who remember, I had to change my name for business reasons and ease to searching the internet, but I'm still the same old "animal" behind the drumset in my avatar. just now I'm phoootoooman http://i1167.photobucket.com/albums/q625/Fotoman32/b705509e.jpg
  11. Here is the first with my 2 buckeye burl pieces with some finishing they are great for a watch display.
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