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  1. Nope, BP Movement is SA3135 like Noob. Look at the balance bridge and where the balance stud is in relation to the winding stem. On SA3135 / Noob / BP the balance spring is coiled clockwise, so the balance [censored] is on the far side from the stem. The balance spring's coil on Yuki 3135 / JF 3135 turn counter clockwise, therefore the balance stud is on the near side from the stem.
  2. Sorry for my terribly belated replies to all of your questions. I am quite busy at the moment but will try to come back to you asap. Attached is the requested lume shot. Standard JF, nothing fancy. I am in this 3135 game since the first SA3135 were released and offered by Puretime. I believe that was in 2011 or 2012. I bought one of the very first SA3135 in a 16610 LV, terrible rep, terrible movement. The SA3135 as still used today by noob factory has a completely different cosntruction and first versions didn't even accept gen hands (hour hand was different, minute and seconds worked). The reversing wheels in these movements are a multiple piece design with a red top plate and the actual wheel being silver (see hologramet's pics!). The red top plate holds several jewels inside. At least on the first batch of SA3135 this red plate was friction fitted to the actual wheel below. The friction fitment was too lose and would come off in normal use, spreading all the tiny jewels inside of the watch. Not a single part was interchangeable with the gen 3135, not even the stem. To make bad things worse the stem was very weak and would eventually break in normal use. After this experience I decided to not even try later SA3135 iterations. This is the movement that Noob is using still today, however with minor changes like a stronger stem. Then Yuki came up with his 3135. Except for escapement wheel, balance wheel and a click spring in the keyless works everything was to genuine 3135 specification and allowed for using genuine Rolex 3135 parts. Gear train, main spring with barrel, keyless works, minute pinion, hour wheel, everything just as gen. I've bought three Yuki 3135 in total, used one in a Sean Case, one in a TC case and sold one movement again. The Yuki movement isn't bad once it gets serviced. Out of the box it is dirty, greasy and not in working order. One day the availability of the Yuki 3135 got increasingly difficult and soon JF showed up with their SA3135 V2. I've bought a few of those in the meantime, one to check it out as an alternative to the non existent supply from Yuki, one I converted to no-date (using gen parts!) and putting into a 114270 Explorer and one I used in a Sean Yachtmaster case. Except for the engraving it is the same movement as Yukis. Again, everything is interchangeable with gen 3135 parts except for this one single click spring in keyless works, escapement wheel and balance wheel. Quality is the same and just as Yukis they come dirty and greasy from the factory. Obviously there are two different factories producing different 3135 clones. One being a real clone (JF and Yuki) and one replicating only looks and dimensions (Noob). These movements shouldn't be confused with each other. Saying that Yuki is offering the only 3135 clone accepting gen parts and stating that any SA3135 from the rep factories is a different movement than Yuki's is wrong.
  3. No, different movements. JF = Yuki Noob is different.
  4. Unfortunately I don't have pics but I've had both JF 3135 V2 and Yuki next to each other on my table. They are identical. Even the date wheel in these JF watches is standard Yuki. The JF movements come with the same downside as Yukis. They are dirty and require immediate servicing before the watch is ready to be worn. Same applies to the watch for sale here.
  5. Put the movements next to each other - you'll realize that they are the same movement except for the engraving. Every part is interchangeable and key parts like escapement are identical between JF 3135 V2 and Yuki 3135. IMO the limited availability of the Yuki movement is caused by the rep factory getting all the movements. That does not apply to SA3135 used by Noob Factory. Those are completely different, with no spares available and questionable reliability. @ Gingio: I'll post more pics tomorrow. Unfortunately I am travelling at the moment and don't have access to the watch.
  6. Guys started out as sales thread but we are off to research the movement question So I moved as watch sold. MOAB View Advert Hi there, I purchased this JF 1:1 Submariner 116610 LN from puretime a couple of weeks ago with the intention of using it's movement in a franken project. The JF SA3135V2 basically is a Yuki 3135 with engravings and much better availability. I came to the conclusion that sapphire crystals just don't do it for me anymore and therefore I won't take this watch apart for it's movement. Here's the link to PT: http://puretime03.com/submariner-116610-ln-black-ceramic-jf-1-1-best-edition-on-ss-bracelet-sa3135-v2s.html I paid 486 USD including shipping, which equals 455 Euros today. As with every Yuki3135 or JF 3135V2 I highly recommend to have this movement serviced immediately! Do not even think of wearing this watch without the movement having had a proper service. Though it keeps good time it winds like it was 50 years old and has never seen oil in it's long life. That's nothing a proper service from an experienced watchmaker could not get rid of. The watch even has all protective stickers in place. It is unworn and brand new. Letting this one go for 385 Euros including worldwide shipping with insurance. I am in the EU but will ship worldwide. Buyer takes customs risk / fees / responsibility. Within the EU there will be no customs involved, of course. Let me know if you have any questions. Advertiser chefcook Date 02/19/2017 Price Category Watches
  7. Ha, found out more: Case back 311-2160 is actually what was used on the 16610T as well! Does anyone of you have a 5513 case around to check whether a 16610 case back has the same thread size?
  8. Info from R20 genuine spare parts catalogue for 14060: Crown: 24-703-0 (14060M: 24-704-0) Tube: 24-7030-0 Crystal Gasket: 29-286-1 Case Back Gasket: 29-322-10 Crystal: 25-286 Case Back: 311-14060 (14060M: 311-2160) Bezel Assembly (complete): 313-14060-81 Bezel inlay / disc: 315-14060-81 Bezel Washer: 316-14060-81 Click Spring: 317-14060-81 Retaining Ring: 319-14060-81 The only watch to use a Tropic 295 without date mag is the Daytona (165xx and 1165xx) and Explorer 1 (14270 / 114270). ST is not correct on this. The 14060 and 16610 cases have exactly two parts interchangeable: Crown and tube, that's it, unfortunately.
  9. But for what? Who would build a 14060 of a 16610 case, which is completely different, at comparably high expenses because of the high quality case? The 14060 is smaller, thinner and lighter than a 16610. Bezel inserts, bezels, crystal, everything is different and looks different as well. The 5512/5513 mid case is similar to a 14060 case. Try to fit a gen 14060 case back to a rep 5513 mid case with a gasket grove cut into it, add a saphire crystal with rolex-style gasket and retaining ring, which you'd probably need to have custom made. Fit a gen bezel and insert and you're there. I thought of doing that several times but never found it appealing enough to go through all this. I like the date function a lot, too.
  10. A good and reliable supplier for tools in Europe is Horst Zu Jeddeloh GmbH in Germany. You'll find nearly all drill sizes there. Cousinsuk.com might also be a good source but usually is more expensive for non-watch-specific tools.
  11. Hi guys, building my first rep for quite some time now, a V3 Carbon Diver. Unfortunately I am not very happy with the cyclops. It is blue and reflects sun like hell, nothing like a gen diver. Puretime sells those colorless 3.5 cyclopses. Did one of you try the 3.5 cyclops with the V3 Carbon Diver dial? Thanks for your input and best regards, M.
  12. Wonderful Chronograph! Is that a V5 diver? I find the size comparison very interesting...
  13. Any plans on offering this mod to other members? Would be a small market, but there would definitely be a market.
  14. Will you also make the inner rotating bezel with yellow background for the first 15 minutes?
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