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  1. The better option is to get the watch relumed. There are a few modders that can do a great job on the dial, hands and bezel dot to make them all look more gen.
  2. Ugg these pictures are killing me Rolf. I've got the dial and the excruciating wait for my shaped and PVD'd case set has been waaaaay too long. Can't wait to add my pictures to this thread.
  3. Now we just need you to make some more PreV case sets Wolf. Then we'll have the perfect setup!!
  4. What are the specs on the PreA 009 build? It looks spectacular.
  5. Thats what I've been looking for. Thanks a lot.
  6. Thanks Ogladio. Kind of what I thought. It looks pretty good but the edges need to be less sharp from what I see.
  7. All, I have one of the new H-Factory case sets and I'm trying to figure out whether it will be a good case for an OP6502 009A. Does anyone know if it is, without mods, with mods? If with mods, what kind do I have to do. I want to do a bad ass 009A with Rolli's dial and this PVD run. I've done a ton of research on this subject and just can't find the answer. Thanks.
  8. I could possibly be interested in sending my case set to complete my A-series 009.
  9. I can't take this amazing watch off of my wrist. I put the Wontoncraft strap on it the other day........now I'm ready for spring.
  10. I cannot take the 082 off my wrist. What an amazing dial.
  11. I have the same set up you're about to do. It does look really nice. I have an extra DSN 036 case back too if you need one. PM me.
  12. Reach out to Jakob about a case back. He is working on one for me. More expensive option but I think it will be a better quality than the DSN.
  13. I have started the process of building two new Pams with Rolli's amazing dials. Thought I would throw up some pictures for everyone. These are both in 061 cases bought for these watches. I have a gen TI CG I will install on one of the watches and a gen crown too. I just need to find a correct movement for the 036 and case backs for both. The dials are amazing though......nothing else except gen even comes close.