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  1. It's not surprising that the dealer did not fix anything. At this point, I can only see two options: you send the watch back for good and get a refund, or you send the watch to one of the members who could take a proper look at it. Where are you located?
  2. @Alan_Schezar Did you ever fix the issues? I own/owned a few watches with this movement, which is a modified A7750. A typical and common problem with this particular movement is the chrono hour counter (lower hand at 12) constantly running. To solve this problem, one has to disassemble the hands, dial and two top plates of the movement in order to gain access to the chrono's hour wheel. Once there, the parts involved in braking the hour wheel - especially the plastic brake - need to be fiddled about with. With a loupe, check that the plastic brake is touching the hour wheel; if not, replace this part and check for contact again. That's the only solution to the problem. Now regarding the big chrono seconds hand, as other colleagues have said already, it is lose from its central post and needs to be reinstalled with proper pressure. Lastly, it is impossible to have the chrono minutes counter (upper hand at 12) running unless the chrono function is running. That simple. I believe your description of the symptoms are wrong in this particular aspect.
  3. Answering your question, as far as I know, there are no more FC parts available anywhere. However, rumour has it that the J12 factory will eventually release a re-run of the FC GP watch. Only the chinese gods know when, though.
  4. You need those parts for a gen watch?!?! Why else would you ask an AD for a quote? But now that you did, you got me curious: would the AD sell spare forged carbon parts to you without asking to have your watch shown to them? That would be VERY good news if we could source the FC parts from AP!
  5. Errr.... The wrist shot is NOT the watch the OP is talking about! Those wrist shots are from a gen watch.
  6. if this is true, then all the underside, the inner side and especially the rear edge of the buckle should be polished, but they are not. Or are they?
  7. Guys, you have to install original, ETA day and date wheels (especially the former)!!!! It makes a huge difference on this otherwise awesome replica!!!
  8. I much prefer the black bezel/SS case over the SS case/black bezel combination. However, I prefer even more the all black with CF case!
  9. I watched the 1st episode only, and he also wears a Da Vinci.
  10. Forgive me guys, but my thoughts are: what a silly toy! I reckon it must be hard to control, but it certainly gets boring very quickly.
  11. Well, this is a very late reply, but hopefuly it will serve as a record for future reference. I bought an AP with a stripped crown tube, and solved the issue by pulling the crown tube out a few millimeters, as if removing it from the case. I pulled the tube just enough to give the crown enough room to catch the threads on the tube again. It solved my issue.
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