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  1. And another point...you can't put a Swiss movement in this case.
  2. PAM 372 by Dan Saul-Knight, on Flickr
  3. Hello and welcome back. I'm an oldtimer...don't recognise any of you bar stewards...except KB. Hope his gear has improved. 😎
  4. Why would you bother? SSteel is looking for work that he'll fulfill... poorly.
  5. Swiss movements in a 'franken'. I'm sure there's a good idea behind it...I can't see it...as plain as it is to you all. Aye it is. And advice...A franken is not a [censored] case accomodating a Swiss movement. Just a thought... 😎
  6. You're kidding us all of course. A gag?
  7. Welcome mate.😎 We're knitting happily; awaiting your first purchase...
  8. I'm sure you don't have a Swiss movement in your rep. I'd hope you'd not send it to SSTEEL..that'd make the pain worser.
  9. There are no Swiss ETA movements available to rep makers. Surely by now the message has filtered down. Broken movements, spare parts....reverse engineering ...in reverse.
  10. Gennaro, I'd say was hidebound. In a ritual of love and fraternity. I've none such attatchments. De longhi and Lavazza espresso blend.......forza!!!
  11. TT is a good dealer... I'm glad you're sorted.
  12. Wear it in good health. What's the box for? Sandwiches?
  13. nikki6 has always been a cool guy. Nuff said.
  14. Lovely stuff. Great watches....terrible photos.
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