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  1. 1 Wrist jewellery? 2 I don't wear my rep in a fog....take note you wannabe divers with dreams of 2 metres. 3 See above. 4 Is this a man's page we....yes of course...no perfume. 5 Toolmakers....I saw this idea? in it's genesis in 1978 PM for details....it was funny but expensive. 6 They're reps, bin them and cut out the fantasists. 3/4 That's good advice.
  2. Kernow, you're right. Handed I'd suggest?
  3. How's about that for a Topic Alvin? Is there the slightest chance you or another Mod might find the time to moderate any of my posts......or are you all sleeping off the free booze and snacks in the staff fridge? 😎 *Because I'm a big fat attention whore 😬 *edit by Kernow 😎
  4. Looks nice mate. Don't worry about demarcation lines.... The boundaries are yet to be set.😎
  5. There's countless Rolex' with dubious case numbers fleeeeeing through the auction houses ATM. Speedys especially. Stay safe folks. 😎
  6. No mate. When you've had a life...then you'll have a different view. I'm open to questions instead of....Get a life Lovely photies by the way. I'll be keeping a close eye on this one. 😎
  7. How much did it make in the end? We're all breastless as we ignore our local....heaving bosoms to ....hold in our excitement.
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