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  1. So, is this is?..... or is it not a sales thread? How can you save money on a gen, buy building a rep?
  2. I realise that friend, the above is for members and lurkers here. I've not kliked any link posted in this thread...so it may be we are speaking at cross-porpoises, but wiht the same aim, i.e a safe experience for all.
  3. Nice mate...me likey. Today....
  4. Mate, this the most scammed website in the rep-watch game. I don't know what to tell you. Buyers are at risk whilst the site is down, it's well documented, subsequently I'd suggest until they provide Admin with a secure URL their 'special status' is withheld.
  5. What's a forum without necroposting? One with no sense of it's own history.
  6. I'd suggest you're the blank slate and I'm the chalk.
  7. Wow. It seems you're a bit frantic mate...Is everything okay?
  8. sympathise Val Kilmer,I also have had a bad experience with my first rep, a Planet Ocean Chrono which was purchased from a dealer recommended here. Over the first few months of ownership the bracelet fell apart revealing bent link assembly pins and corroded tubes,the deployment clasp suffered failure of the thin-walled hollow rivet linking the two halves of the clasp, and last but not least the decal at 12 came out of it's seat and floated about the face before coming to rest at 11, and all this in a rep that cost $240. Now being a toolmaker I had the skills and tools to sort the bracelet and clasp problems, but I don't have any watchmaking skills so one day I'll have to take it to my local watch repairer and ask if he can fix the problems with the face. As this is my first post I'm unable to put up some photos, but I felt so much sympathy for you I just wanted to show a little solidarity with your plight. All the above has shaken my confidence and now I only buy low-cost reps from DHgate,CQout and the like..although I'm nnow starting to look at Watcheden's low-end reps with some intent I hope you get a satisfactory outcome in the end. NB: I haven't named the dealer as I never had the confidence to confront them over their shoddy goods. The above was my first post in a forum...let alone a watch forum. I was given a mildly(brutal it felt) rough ride.
  9. IMO it's a terrible dial.....it's so cluttered. Breitling, it seems cannot move beyond this...why? I don't know. Hang on...... Nostalgia
  10. Break it easy to the noobs. PM the guy and say so.
  11. My optician once questioned me regarding a watch I was wearing. 'beat it bud' was my immediate thought. I realised in time he wasn't wearing his glasses. A Milsub? Watch out you don't end up buying a Super-Franken. It could be you, in 20 years time. It could be you gag courtesy of the national lottery. 😎
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