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  1. No mate. When you've had a life...then you'll have a different view. I'm open to questions instead of....Get a life Lovely photies by the way. I'll be keeping a close eye on this one. 😎
  2. How much did it make in the end? We're all breastless as we ignore our local....heaving bosoms to ....hold in our excitement.
  3. There are no factories. I hope this helps............everyone.
  4. Some good thoughts here, so a wee bump for those who've not seen it and thinkin'....hmmm. I, like Nanuq, would prefer a softer material. Nylon is best, rigid but ultimately it conforms to your will with regard to form without compromise.
  5. keeper


    See my other response. That's twice I've done your groundwork for you.
  6. Why don't you get your mind off it's fat archie and find out for yourself? Just a question...you understand?
  7. Hard luck, hard drive....I've heard this before.............
  8. The ultimate pop song. Less than 3 minutes...
  9. You sound like you know your subject...
  10. OP. This website has gone through many iterations. They promise Swiss movements, suggest that they have a back door to manufacturers....it's a simple scam..as you well know. Many... many, folk want a reasonably priced replica watch. The internet is the first pace they go. This place was initially set up as a haven for rep watch buyers.
  11. I'm guessing you hope this is true. Fortunately I didnae come up the Clyde on a bike....and neither did anyone here it seems.
  12. Hi mate. As an artist you can probably see differences in tones more keenly than I can. 😎
  13. Here...or thereabouts.
  14. Hi mate. The answer to most of your questions is no.
  15. keeper

    DW 6239

    So, is this an invite to buy?
  16. Rep collecting is a journey fellas. Don't worry about the DHgate days. Buy a nice rep and be happy.
  17. So, you've come here to sell stuff? You should speak to the staff here first...just in case you get ripped off. 😎
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