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  1. No pics? Without the gloves....................
  2. I tried an AP once....not for me, Is there another iteration....of the bestest one due out?
  3. There's a secret pertinent to us old fellas here contained in this video.
  4. 12000 times A company I worked for went down the Chinese steel route. Result was 450,000 of castings sent back, 90,000 on ruined tooling. 2 million in total including laughs.
  5. Buy a submariner. FGS. This is painful to watch.
  6. This. This is good stuff. Fuds and their obsessions.
  7. May you never lose your temper when you get hit in a bar-room fight...😎
  8. Mrs n0bby is a wise judge...all hail. 😎 Thanks pal.
  9. So, is this is?..... or is it not a sales thread? How can you save money on a gen, buy building a rep?
  10. I realise that friend, the above is for members and lurkers here. I've not kliked any link posted in this thread...so it may be we are speaking at cross-porpoises, but wiht the same aim, i.e a safe experience for all.
  11. Nice mate...me likey. Today....
  12. Mate, this the most scammed website in the rep-watch game. I don't know what to tell you. Buyers are at risk whilst the site is down, it's well documented, subsequently I'd suggest until they provide Admin with a secure URL their 'special status' is withheld.
  13. What's a forum without necroposting? One with no sense of it's own history.
  14. I'd suggest you're the blank slate and I'm the chalk.
  15. Wow. It seems you're a bit frantic mate...Is everything okay?
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