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  1. mlilley01

    Breitling Superocean 42 Abyss Yellow

    Am I right in thinking that there is only one factory making these, so all dealers have the same one? I'm sure I read that somewhere a wile back...
  2. mlilley01

    Anyone own these headphones?

    I got hold of some Klipsch Custom 3's a few months back after plenty of research. They took a few wears to 'settle in', but the sound is fantastic, and so comfortable too. The noise isolation is good, once you spend a while testing the 5 sets of tips to get the best fit. I wouldn't swap them now, excellent earphones.
  3. mlilley01

    Manual wind

    Hi, Got a Skyland through the post today... everything is bang on, looks lovely. I did notice though that when I set the date and time, I thought I'd give it a couple of slow hand winds to get it going, but I can feel and hear the rotor turning with each wind... not just the normal resistance of the spring, its actually turning the rotor. Apart from not hand winding it, can anyone give me any advice on what to look for or what can be done? Thanks
  4. I have the same question as the original poster regarding the black SMP chrono... looks good to me, but can anyone point out the flaws please? See if theres any I havnt seen already.. Here it is on TT's site: http://www.tt88time.com/index.php?main_pag...83c4326166452a3 Thanks.
  5. John, I assume I am the other one you know of? I too would like to have it properly clarified if it is indeed a copy, but dont know how to go about it. I have considered emailing Andrew and letting him know that the SDD seems to not have a genuine Swiss ETA, but I dont feel confident doing this on the say so of another dealer on a forum. I also would like to trust Andrew, but I am holding off putting in another order until I see how the replies go to threads across the boards about ETA copies. It is also possible, if unlikely, that a batch of SDD have been passed off as Swiss by the manufacturer and therefore sold on as such.
  6. mlilley01

    MidWeek Wrist Check

    Love that watch. Its on my wishlist................