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  1. What a wonderful watch. Good to have you here!
  2. The German word "frau-schlägt-dich-noch-eine-orangefarbene-taucheruhr-verdammter-abscheu" seems like it was almost made specifically for this post.
  3. Changing logins from usernames to "what email address did you use to register 15 years ago" was a marvellous early onset dementia test for me as well.
  4. Looking great! I bet the dial catches the sun. Perfect for dazzling sharks 👍
  5. The lengths they go to to replicate the authentic Rolex AD purchasing experience are impressive.
  6. I'm right now trying to buy a different dial version of a microbrand watch I already own so....yeah! Hope to see pics of these when they arrive.
  7. That's a nice combo of angular case and bezel, I'm a fan.
  8. You're right of course - and the clue was right there in the Cousteau Diver moniker. Hope the OP gets a result.
  9. Nice choice! It's called a Slevin a lot in posts on the forum.
  10. That's the bit of code with the photo in it, bottom right of the editing window is a box that says 'other media', open that and 'insert image from URL'. Or just choose files from your device and upload.
  11. Things I've learned about RWG over the past 15 years based on my scientific analysis, all of these correlate: - RWG promotes weight gain - RWG isn't great for hair colour - RWG prefers a slightly balder look - Ditto higher blood pressure - Does Miss Understood look a little hotter as time goes on? - Strangely, some of the dumb shit impulse buys from years ago managed to appreciate in value (which is why I'm getting in early on the ground floor of replica Elizabethan cod pieces. Strongly recommend Crazy Trusty Cod Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Mary) When is the party?
  12. If I had a sheriff's badge I would. That user is visiting from Westworld.
  13. Very interesting on the vitamin D front, thanks.
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