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  1. You're right of course - and the clue was right there in the Cousteau Diver moniker. Hope the OP gets a result.
  2. Nice choice! It's called a Slevin a lot in posts on the forum.
  3. That's the bit of code with the photo in it, bottom right of the editing window is a box that says 'other media', open that and 'insert image from URL'. Or just choose files from your device and upload.
  4. Things I've learned about RWG over the past 15 years based on my scientific analysis, all of these correlate: - RWG promotes weight gain - RWG isn't great for hair colour - RWG prefers a slightly balder look - Ditto higher blood pressure - Does Miss Understood look a little hotter as time goes on? - Strangely, some of the dumb shit impulse buys from years ago managed to appreciate in value (which is why I'm getting in early on the ground floor of replica Elizabethan cod pieces. Strongly recommend Crazy Trusty Cod C
  5. If I had a sheriff's badge I would. That user is visiting from Westworld.
  6. Very interesting on the vitamin D front, thanks.
  7. Happy New Year everyone! And already one day of 2021 with zero alien attacks (count them, zero!), so whatever happens any survivors will still have that to look back on with fondness a year from now while browsing for reps.
  8. For the record I love that watch, I was just winding up Nanuq....who is famously delicate. Think of him as the Alaskan Niles out of Frasier, but with a bit more ballet in him. I've never been to Alaska, but it's the vibe I get - all pinky fingers in the air when wrestling bears.* Sinn U1 - got one, yes. 👌 A rep obviously, so I'd probably drown at 2m, but I'd be thinking of a VERY stern email to Trusty in my final moments. Breitling Navtimer for selling the idea of having a slide rule on your watch and that owners might also have the ambition to get laid.
  9. The categories seem a bit limiting for day-to-day living though? Just some off the top of my head that seem quite popular: - Diving under an offshore oil rig but you don't want your dive buddy to get the wrong idea, you like him, but you're not dressing to impress him watch - Co-piloting a bomber and you want to calculate fuel consumption and all the electronic equipment has failed, and nobody has a calculator or phone, and you're also the only person since the 1950s that can remember how a slide rule works watch. - Timing how long it takes Blofeld to expla
  10. Early data* suggests an increased proclivity to buy watches. Possibly also bikes. *sample size: 1
  11. Interesting video and channel that! This isn't on the production front, but I was told in a branded Rolex AD I'd have to send my gen away for 3 months for the bracelet to be resized..... 💪
  12. Thanks for your updates, keep safe fellas. Lucky AF down in Australia right now.
  13. The lume bit looks challenging. Do you know how they apply it in production? Feels like it needs some kind of mask in applying it? (I have no clue, just speculating).
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