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  1. cornerstone

    Forum Announcement - Mike On A Bike

    Congrats! New co-admin buying all the drinks is definitely 'a thing'. 😀
  2. Arrr, I think me hearties we should torrent these Netflix shows, arrr.....
  3. cornerstone

    IWC Portuguese Chronograph 150th Anniversary

    It's a parts bin effort from IWC, so I'm not too surprised. I prefer the regular numbers to these lacquered ones, but I guess the regular watch has been around a long time now.
  4. cornerstone

    Only in Alaska

    😄 Quality
  5. cornerstone

    Pulled the trigger on a SARX

    Seiko are great. Not a hardlex fan on many models (not this one I believe), but love my 'Jungle Master'. Enjoy!!
  6. cornerstone

    I’m a t**t

    You're a TENT?!
  7. cornerstone

    What Is Your Dream Car?

    Right, the Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet. Just a concept though. Ideal for the person that likes their car to look like their launch boat
  8. cornerstone

    Watch confiscated and lawyer letter

    I suggest deleting the file number at the bottom of your image.
  9. cornerstone

    The Shortest Thread Ever

    I see your tennis ball, and raise you ten dollars.....
  10. cornerstone

    What Is Your Dream Car?

    This concept caught my attention.
  11. cornerstone

    The Shortest Thread Ever

    Original 'Page 1-er' checking that this madness has finally stopped at last.