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  1. I don't have the results yet, but if I get there and the Dr has something the size and shape of an orange on their desk, I'm turning around and running. If it's a grape, OK, let's talk. If it's a watermelon, I'll almost be impressed....briefly. Too bad for me if they just pack a healthy lunchbox. (Joking, obviously, should be fine)
  2. Being told I can't take my IWC Ingeneuir to go inside the MRI scanner. My man, this is my watch's big day.
  3. Is nobody else using a rotary washing line and a ceiling fan, or is that just me? What's gen in that collection? An IWC?
  4. Thread title needs updated to 28 years imho
  5. OMG, did you put it in a tumble dryer? Or wore it on the Paris to Dakar Rally?
  6. Thank you for everything all these years. I'm gutted that you're facing challenges, hopefully those are short-lived and better news around the corner.
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