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  1. Thanks for your updates, keep safe fellas. Lucky AF down in Australia right now.
  2. The lume bit looks challenging. Do you know how they apply it in production? Feels like it needs some kind of mask in applying it? (I have no clue, just speculating).
  3. Great answer there, it's such a broad question - best to start with what you like. And also to have an idea of what inevitable imperfections you can live with. That will open everything up.
  4. Absolute legend. I know he was 90 but he was THE MAN. Fuuuuck.
  5. Wow that's a good review, from the 'about' they have a more famous German language YouTube channel. All I can say to the factories is......REP THIS YOU COWARDS
  6. Are you a divorce lawyer? Joking. The price of the watch has absolutely no bearing on how I feel about it after a few weeks. Because objectively they're all watches that fit on my wrist, look good, and tell the time - so the gap between them is smaller than their price might suggest (that's not to ignore why some are better than others, just that the price itself isn't something that influences it). I haven't worn my most expensive watch in ages. That being said (to get a bit more back on topic), if you are actually about to dive 3800m and want to rely on a mechani
  7. I hadn't finished. Worthy.......of consideration for STAGE 2 of testing! [Land Rover with flamethrowers rolls in over the horizon.....] Is it just me, but if you look really closely, but does the Nastymariner have a teeny little smudge near 5 o'clock? Fingerprint? So hard to tell. It's like an imperceptible, delicate blemish.
  8. The Glashutte looks SO GOOD!! That's the way to do it. Love it. Get it out of the box and onto the wrist again!! Rediscover the love! I have a plan for Nanuq's next watch. It needs to be a gen Doxa, but not a normal one. One that was a scuba find on the sea bed. But not a normal Doxa find on the sea bed, one that has bear claw scratches on the crystal. But not a normal Doxa with bear claw scratches on the crystal that's found on the sea bed. One where the owner was eaten by a shark. But not a
  9. Cull the herd?! We all know how much the ladies love dive watches, it's why we're in the game! Why on earth do you think I bought this? (Bow tie a bit much?) More seriously, in awe of your purchases this summer Nanuq. You opened my eyes to some great options.
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