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  1. I think VSF may be closed down possibly in case it's a new one you're after. (Don't know the answer on the two versions).
  2. That's an interesting one! It ticks a lot of surprising boxes.
  3. Likewise!! Surviving lockdown here.....with stylish watches and clingfilm / glad wrap. I'm sure the family appreciate my efforts, although they never mention it.
  4. Actual Bondi travel options in lockdown.
  5. KB!! To keep you updated, this is now the appropriate leisurewear for this thread and opening new watch deliveries......
  6. I think you need to double check your psychiatrist's credentials! This one seems a little severe. It's all complicated by them being speculative assets for some buyers at the moment, it adds a whole different dimension.
  7. I think I just need one of these bad boy crystals for the Doxa, and nobody can judge me. crystal.mp4
  8. Nice choice, that looks great for it.
  9. Welcome Dan! Nice choices there. I've not heard of OWC before, they look good. I have some Panzera watches which are another Australian microbrand.
  10. Nice orange and silver!! Next mission is exotic crystals.
  11. That's a brand new rabbit hole! The orange hand is a necessary part of the appeal for me as well.
  12. The bezel is terrific to my eyes. I don't find the height an issue other than it making the dial so recessed from the crystal. The Froggie I think has thought about it and improved parts of it rather than a head-on homage (or maybe brought in ideas from other Doxas?) Because they picked out esoteric colours that other watches tend not to have, I think there's a fair case to have different versions in different colours. I'll certainly look at a Tactical Frog as well, just a different colour. I'm not a beads of rice expert, but it looks real to me, all the little bits move separately, so each link was three beads on one fork, and two on the other that the pin needed threaded through. Looking at it again, it's not that rice like, it's sort of flattened. Yeah, I'd probably compare photos to see what you're after. It was easy to resize and change bands for what it's worth. I got the orange rubber strap as well. It's absolutely fine, but it might just be a little bit fluro. It makes it look it came from a vending machine - maybe less so if I was wearing a wetsuit. So might explore some other straps, and maybe stick that on another watch. Or only wear my wetsuit. Sirens will go off if I see a good Caribbean.
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