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  1. Goodness, sorry to hear that. If you missed my other thread on "nipple tassels and couples therapy"..... Take it easy.
  2. This has been my hobby. I had my Jetmid moment with part-ownership of a Sea Ray, but now have a center console a bit like this but more like a bowrider at the front (and shorter), with a 115hp Yamaha - kept in dry dock. Turned the hobby into 3 gen watches. Have a vintage Rolex GMT, and 2 IWC - a pilot chrono and a big ingenieur. Many reps I own have a more personal attachment to them (than the gens). I'm more attached to the story behind behind them, often the strap, or the crystal or whatever. Like many here from years ago, I have some very cool watches sitting around. Much harder to get these now. We all used to dine out on ETA movements like Russian oligarchs on cheap caviar.
  3. Whoa! You mean this? Which I think honours this aviation pedigree? Same with the exchange rate too, that has an impact.
  4. Having just looked on YouTube for men wearing nipple tassels, I think I may have made a terrible mistake....
  5. You are very welcome to spend time among compadres here, and wishing you well. While I'm not (yet) an accredited couples therapist* I have a suggestion. Nipple tassles. Nipple tassles while making beans on toast for your wife while topless (you, not wife) has almost no evidence against it showing NOT working!! Could be under-represented in medical literature, but I have access to university journals, and nothing on this. OK, next step. (Keep with me.) Then you need to sing this song like this: https://youtu.be/batxBJ5wGEA?t=45 Step 3. In the same voice shout out. "Why won't you strip my movement?" This may work better in underpants outside of a window. Remember: nipple tassles. Ahh, this can go several ways. If I'm right, and she's been reading all of Ziggy's old tutorials, you'll be winding like butter. *Mostly koalas so far. Totally forgot to add about tassle rotation, sorry. I think clockwise in northern hemisphere, anti-clockwise in southern hemisphere. Back to front if you're left titted and wear your tassles on the other tit, obviously.
  6. Welcome FUBAR! I believe you may know our good friends in life SNAFU and BOHICA!
  7. I think you've opened up a rabbit hole for me with Yobokies, there are so many Seikos I wish just had that extra oomph. This, of course, is on another level. I didn't know about the decals, that could be an interesting mission ahead for sure. Since scuba diving is approved exercise here, a new Seiko could be on the cards.
  8. That is phenomenal!! Absolutely genius idea and work.
  9. That is definitely a combo to show marine life who is boss when diving! Love it.
  10. That's shocking, very sorry to hear that. Hope there is still the possibility of some good news in time.
  11. Birthday greetings! Fourteen years down the track and the ageing tremors are ace for keeping watches wound.
  12. Wow, wow, 18!!!! Where has that time gone, I think she was maybe.....5 when we met up? (Edit) Man, too long between beers!!!
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