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  1. Nice orange and silver!! Next mission is exotic crystals.
  2. That's a brand new rabbit hole! The orange hand is a necessary part of the appeal for me as well.
  3. The bezel is terrific to my eyes. I don't find the height an issue other than it making the dial so recessed from the crystal. The Froggie I think has thought about it and improved parts of it rather than a head-on homage (or maybe brought in ideas from other Doxas?) Because they picked out esoteric colours that other watches tend not to have, I think there's a fair case to have different versions in different colours. I'll certainly look at a Tactical Frog as well, just a different colour. I'm not a beads of rice expert, but it looks real to me, all the little bits move separately, so each link was three beads on one fork, and two on the other that the pin needed threaded through. Looking at it again, it's not that rice like, it's sort of flattened. Yeah, I'd probably compare photos to see what you're after. It was easy to resize and change bands for what it's worth. I got the orange rubber strap as well. It's absolutely fine, but it might just be a little bit fluro. It makes it look it came from a vending machine - maybe less so if I was wearing a wetsuit. So might explore some other straps, and maybe stick that on another watch. Or only wear my wetsuit. Sirens will go off if I see a good Caribbean.
  4. Hearing great things about this north-west passage, as long as the weather be hospitable for me parrots. Arrrr...
  5. The Seestern has landed!! It's important to baptize the Seestern in its natural habitat. A few thoughts: - I think it looks a bit different in photos than in 3d. It's a bit like the opposite of taking photos of the moon, and I think the eyes play tricks. It has one of the smallest dials of any watch I own. That's only strange when the other watches are close by though, then they suddenly look like wrist clocks. - I'm still learning the 'ooh' angles with it. The dial is so recessed there are a lot of angles where it's in shadow, or there is refracted light. Head on it isn't that easy to read (I think my eyes naturally focus on the crystal not the dial in daylight as stupid as that sounds), but then there are other angles where it does very cool things. You know how it goes. - Wears well - Came with tools, which I think is a nice touch. - I think the caseback and Seestern branding is pretty cool. Looks good on the crown. - On the lookout for something with a domed crystal, or plays with that aspect of it (I'm a bit crystal obsessed), but happy to have this one in orange. Big thanks for the heads up on this one. Feels like the kind of watch I want to have adventures with so it can earn its own back story down the track.
  6. Arrrr....tis the 10th anniversary of the "International Talk Like You're From Bristol" day thread. Arrr....
  7. This seems completely proportional. Just taken the clingfilm off a Fedex delivery, and this would have been much easier, and perhaps helped with some low level community backburning as well.
  8. I'm not suggesting Nanuq is taking these over-wrapped watch deliveries badly, but the last delivery guy just went home like this.....
  9. The different colour options means I can justify multiples of the watch, so I'm interested in that new version too. I was excited when the tracking showed it taking off from China, I was a little less excited when I saw it land in Ho Chi Minh City. Hopefully here next week. I wonder if all these new versions will actually increase both sales and the appeal of the original Doxa, I think it will introduce them to a whole new audience. Maybe I need to 'invest' in one of these now, right?
  10. I believe they are going to do that. You'll have seen the doxa300t site of course, but for others the site owner there thinks it surpasses the original for wearability. In typical style of having a watch on order, I am of course looking ahead. The Caribbean Doxa speaks to me in special ways.
  11. It looks fantastic. The Heimdallr customer service has been outstanding as well, miles better than a famous brand. I read that review that says the Tactical Frog sits really nicely on the wrist, and the photo shows it. With credit to @marsupilami's post I changed that order though after I'd put it in, and I have one of these Seesterns on order first. I'll wait on this one, and then I'm going to go and buy a Heimdallr as well.
  12. Welcome!! Look forward to hearing about your modding plans.
  13. If you put them all together I think you'd have a half-decent Hubble space telescope
  14. Oh, you get them like this too? I thought Trusty was trying to send personal kinky messages. I'll delete the PM photos back, misunderstanding.
  15. I really struggled between picking between two colours, and I might as well surrender to the fact I will end up buying both. I'll check out how the first one goes, but like any normal person my first priority in life is solving "imagine it's Koningsdag in the Netherlands, what watch should I wear for scuba?" There's a story that needs shared here Nothing yet. I'm getting worried for the health of my postman.
  16. Outstanding suggestion! I have a brand new order from Heimdallr on the way!
  17. To be clear, when Nanuq says this he's suggesting someone gifts me a watch More seriously, definitely understand this feeling and don't have the answer. Maybe partly ennui, maybe the diminishing returns on adding another watch. Price rises and speculation have changed part of the hobby. Social media too has changed it. That being said, I'm very eager to be inspired by a new watch challenge, and love most the watches with a story or a bit of a mission behind them regardless of whether the watch was rep, gen, franken or microbrand. Maybe we can all trade inspiration?
  18. Wait....was that you at the pub? Alan/Offshore's powerboat tales were something else back in the day, definitely gave me an extra appreciation of them. I think he just missed out being in a fatal collision by fluke from memory, as it goes with people missing plane crashes and so on.
  19. What a wonderful watch. Good to have you here!
  20. The German word "frau-schlägt-dich-noch-eine-orangefarbene-taucheruhr-verdammter-abscheu" seems like it was almost made specifically for this post.
  21. Changing logins from usernames to "what email address did you use to register 15 years ago" was a marvellous early onset dementia test for me as well.
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