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  1. Glad you like it,enjoy it my friend!
  2. After so many years making vintage watches, a close friend of mine comes and asks something truly original .... A wall clock, big enough for his wall, but aged like it what from an old fighter aircraft. So after a little search i started with this ugly plastic clock bought from a Canadian ebay store Size is 16.5cm and it works with a nice silent quartz movement. Dismantled to pieces for the overhaul!!! After a lot of painting, weathering and luming (that was my favorite part!)..... Here is the final result. A fun vintage project in XXXL size! Thanks for watc
  3. I know the first two but J&W, NDT??? Can anyone PM me their mails-sites?
  4. Hi,i am newbie from Greece Just had my first rep a few weeks ago from Joshua and i am excited from the quality of it. I got a lot to learn!
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