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    Hmmm..i guess collecting reps is high on the list now!
  1. Happy Birthday BilboBaggins!

  2. BilboBaggins

    DSSD - Latest Noob vs Gen Mark 1 Comparison

    Great review; thank you.
  3. Happy Birthday BilboBaggins!

  4. BilboBaggins

    Just Got Back From Vegas Baby!

    Nice one...sounds awesome. I'm heading off there in '07 as part of my Round the World trip...will definitely be playing poker and it would be rude not to get in the watch stores! Any must-sees you can think of? Jon
  5. BilboBaggins


    I actually went to Oktoberfest this year...no breasts that big i can tell you...but on the plus side the beer steins were much bigger Jon
  6. BilboBaggins

    Yet Another Fm Conquistador

    mmmmmm...very nice! Jon
  7. BilboBaggins

    Planet Ocean

    Nice one mate, great watch. Hows the logo position...is it touching the text or just above? Cheers, Jon
  8. BilboBaggins

    Quirky British Newspaper Cuttings

    Haha nice one JTB...classics! Jon
  9. BilboBaggins

    Average Age

  10. BilboBaggins


    Hey Welcome aboard Jon
  11. BilboBaggins

    Hi I'm New Here

    Hey Mak, Welcome to the forum Jon
  12. BilboBaggins

    Who Has The Best Submariner Lv Rep !!

    Hi Manu, Unfortuantely this question has been asked countless times...and it basically comes across as the person trying to get other people to do their research for them. Thats why you got less than welcome replies...people wanna see you actively research your chosen rep, then after awhile come back and ask some insightful questions. Have a look here http://www.rwg.cc/members/index.php?showtopic=4135&hl=lv as a start, then maybe look at some of the reviews in the "Dealer Review" section, then check out some of the photos in the Rolex section. There should be plenty to keep you busy! Jon
  13. BilboBaggins

    best omega planet ocean

    As m1ke said, the more of us that wait and voice our concern over the logo issue, the quicker they will bring out another gen...hopefully! Jon
  14. BilboBaggins


    Welcome to the forum Helmut Glad to have you on board...have fun! Jon