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  1. He was great to work with, thanks for the recco!!!
  2. Just got my gen "thin case" 1675, 1.7mil serial back from Misiekped. He got it running again (screw had come loose from auto module), polished the plexi and replaced the crown, which never screwed down properly. I've already messed up the crystal of course, but damn, it's nice having it on my wrist again after six months in a drawer. I know I'll never be able to verify the provenance of the T&C, but the dial itself is 100% genuine Mk. 1. matte. I have another Mk. 1 dial that's practically NOS if the T&C is ever confirmed to be a non-sanctioned add-on. Been thinking about selling the other Mk. 1 as they're getting stupid money these days. 1976 C&I bracelet (want to get a nice 7836 or 7206 someday). Date wheel is also the correct white with closed 6's and 9's for a 1967 1.7mil serial #. The hands are slightly off-color from the dial. Bezel is nicely faded blue/magenta w/fatter font. Can't say it's all-original, but it IS all period-correct, save for the band, which I added. Most comfortable watch I own.
  3. Gen 372 with the lighter of the two straps it came with. Beat-to-hell buckle.
  4. Hey, Everyone, Just put up my '67 Doxa Sub 300 "No T" on eBay. Bought this over a decade ago. Serviced by The Zigmeister back in the day. Runs great. End links courtesy of the Fantastic Mr. Nanuq. If you're interested and have any questions, give me a shout. I won't be ending it early, though. UPDATE: Just posted a few more pics including the case back, bracelet and end links. Cheers, Steve https://www.ebay.com/itm/113843415126
  5. Depending on the condition of the watch, for sure. I've scoured the planet for a two-line chapter ring dial which would be correct for my 557XXX serial number.
  6. That damn dial is the difference between my PCG being worth $25k+ instead of $12k. Sigh.
  7. Here's a pic of my '61 5512 for reference. Sadly not the original dial - was replaced with one from '67 at some point in its life.
  8. Happy Birthday Virgil Hilts!

  9. Happy Birthday Virgil Hilts!

  10. You just apply a small amount to the crystal, then rub pretty hard with a clean cloth. Takes awhile, but the scratches disappear completely. Used it on my 1676 and 5512, too. Works like a charm.
  11. Not a chance, Rene. MJC, I dinged up my plexi within hours of putting it on. A little Polywatch and, viola, it's good as new. Been wearing this non-stop for a week. New favorite watch.
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