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  1. Virgil Hilts

    Tudor 7032 project

    Sent you a message!
  2. Happy Birthday Virgil Hilts!

  3. Happy Birthday Virgil Hilts!

  4. Virgil Hilts

    Non-Chinese 372

    You just apply a small amount to the crystal, then rub pretty hard with a clean cloth. Takes awhile, but the scratches disappear completely. Used it on my 1676 and 5512, too. Works like a charm.
  5. Virgil Hilts

    Non-Chinese 372

    Not a chance, Rene. MJC, I dinged up my plexi within hours of putting it on. A little Polywatch and, viola, it's good as new. Been wearing this non-stop for a week. New favorite watch.
  6. Virgil Hilts

    Non-Chinese 372

    Holy Crap! An extra plexi? I had no idea! Thanks for the heads (or, rather, bottoms) up!
  7. Virgil Hilts

    Friday Wristies

    A little something I just got in the mail today.
  8. Virgil Hilts

    Non-Chinese 372

    Sorry for the bad/dusty shots. Man, I love this thing. Have a great weekend, everyone.
  9. Virgil Hilts

    My new 6239

    GENuninely jealous. Gorgeous.
  10. Virgil Hilts


    Thanks for the tip. I'll probably just have Zig service the A7753 and see how she runs...while letting someone else be the Valjoux pioneer.
  11. Virgil Hilts


    What? I gave my review, too. Seriously, it's really nice. Huge, but doesn't feel too bulky. I'll take some more pics this weekend at the EAA Fly-In in Oshkosh. Gonna have Zig service the movement (possibly throw a gen 7753 in there) and maybe lighten the shade of lume on the main hands to look more gen-like. Anyone have any other suggestions on possible mods?
  12. Virgil Hilts

    What Model Is This? I Must Have It.

    Wish I had known about this a wee bit earlier. Might've taken a shot or two. Dayyyyyytonnnnnaaaaa...
  13. Virgil Hilts

    Q&A: Why do our A7750s need a service?

    My PAM187 is on its way...already shopping around for a gen 7753 to throw in it. There are some on ebay, but if anyone has one they wanna part with...
  14. Virgil Hilts


    I've been looking hard to find something wrong with it. So far, I'm happy to report I haven't found a thing.