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  1. Have I missed something? What's happened to watcheden in the dealer section ? D
  2. Never bought from Bergies but everything I've seen posted here and heard suggests he's the best - and yes he ships to Uk
  3. Quite like the sterile versions, had a Pam radiomir variant ages ago, good strong beater watch, my lad wears it now, only cost around £50 off eBay. If anyone's ever heard of getat watch (Tat), he used to be a good source http://www.siswatch727.com
  4. Would love to know where you guys are finding suk 3k 1675's I've been looking for 1 for as long as I've been on here!!!
  5. http://www.uniformwares.com/shop Evening gents, Quite liking the PVD 302 series. Anyone seen these in the flesh? D
  6. Love the opening line of your thread! In answer to your question, do what feels right for you.
  7. Amazing collection , loving the 1675 and Ikepod
  8. Amazing watch, love the rep SS version, still trying to find 1 at a decent price. Soory to read what happened to you, it Never ceases to amaze me how low people can go!
  9. Evening gents, Are any of you from Dallas or have knowledge of the Fort Worth area. I'm flying in from UK next week for a business meeting and need to take some potential clients out for dinner? Don't really want to travel to far though, close to airport would be best. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Hope everyone's Sunday has been a good 1!
  10. How about lurkers who've been around for a couple of years but don't post that much? Very easy for post wh***s to inflate they're count!
  11. Amazing piece, would so love to build something similar circa 1972. Big respect
  12. Always nice to hear another's opinion however wrong or mis-guided it may be. http://everyguyed.com/howto/mans-guide-buying-watch-movement/
  13. Thanks for that, had some pretty decents beaters from Price Angels in the past!
  14. Morning , another midlander here, from Brum originally but now residing in Derbyshire. Welcome!
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