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  1. Plus, those numbers glow nicely when you charge up that lume. An awesome watch.
  2. Nice to see these being repped. And not bad at all for the price. Would like to see reports from buyers...
  3. Wow that's some nasty lume right there. But a watch like this deserves a proper lume job anyway. I think everyone who owns one of these daylights with a Swiss ETA 7753 and a Lello DW is hoping these Asian movements will all blow up soon!! I remember when a PAM that looked like that used to cost a lot of money !!
  4. LOL!! It was actually me who made the post with pics above. But apparently when Domi signed into RWG using his account that night, he forgot to log out... Anyway, doesn't matter... Logged out now and logged back in with my credentials.
  5. Hey guys, for those of you who are holding off on getting a B01 because of the sunken DW, I have one with the raised DW mod for sale on RWI: http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/showthread.php/fs-2x-rolex-1x-breitling-57129.html?t=57129 I hope it's ok for me to link to it. If not, my apologies, and feel free to delete my post.
  6. You are very unlikely to win a legal case here even if you sue the guy. Just tell him to get stuffed and move on. What a shame.
  7. Yep I bought one of Leo's and it worked perfectly. Great quality. Takashi should release some 7753 DWs soon too.
  8. Based on Francisco's mod I got it done on my B01: And on my PAM250: As you can see, the 250 was since sold to someone else. It's a great mod and a good alternative to doing a 7753 swap or something like that. What you need is a watchmaker who is able and willing to do it though, and that's not easy to find (it's very fiddly and time consuming). My watchmaker has said no more!
  9. Sorry for taking so long to respond... had forgotten about this thread. The 7750 DW will definitely NOT fit the 7753 movement. Completely different size.
  10. I thought Taka didn't have any 7753 DWs yet... How did you get one? Or is it the 7750 you got? As for the dial for 7753, I got mine from Hont last year. Drop him an email. Also, Robert (T4D or PWC) might have one.
  11. hey veyron, sent you an email, a PM, and PP payment... any update?
  12. I have just posted a short review on RWI: http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/showthread.php/breitling-b01-first-impressions-50703.html?p=506390#post506390
  13. Tough question... maybe the early BCEs? Or the Blackbird, which is a great rep but has a number of obvious flaws... It's also hard to discriminate between problems in the rep and problems in the basic design of the watch. For example, the way the bracelet meets the case is odd... the pearl is huge... the DW font is a joke... but all these are design issues of the gen. I guess on the rep the DW is the immediate tell and the reason why this is never going to be a "super rep". But I should also clarify that I am a DW nazi! The slightest flaws in the DW drive me insane. Others may be ok with it. Perhaps the crown and pushers are where the rep build quality shows. And the watch doesn't have that glossy shiny blingy look of the gen that I have seen at the ADs... But perhaps that's due to the crystal, the steel and the finish... Look, it's hard to tell. There are some watches that you pull out of the package and you just go "hoooooly shiiiit!" the same way many of us did when we first heard The Dark Side of the Moon... With others you just go "that's nice!". It's a personal thing. With this one I was more in the latter category.
  14. Just received mine in black. Here's a quick wristie. It looks and feels ok, and they did a pretty good job with the dial. The recessed DW is visible but not a huge problem as the DW is black and so is the dial. The lume is not too crap either. The build quality is ok. I have to compare the bracelet carefully when I have some time...
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